Supermoto Gloves

Motostrano's top picks for supermoto gloves.

What to look for in a quality supermoto glove:

  • Leather
  • Knuckle Protection
  • Flexibility
  • Double stitched seams
  • Multiple leather protection on palms
  • Vented leather panels
Motostrano sells a lot of gloves to supermoto riders. Note we prefer leather gloves, not fabric MX gloves for supermoto, for the sole reason that we've seen too many shredded gloves and hands from the use of MX gloves on pavement. Here are some of our favorite supermoto gloves for both racers and street riders!

  • Alpinestars SP-S Glove, $89.99. In our view the best short glove makes ans has made for the past 5 years. High quality leather everywhere. Excellent carbon fiber knuckle protection, very comfortable. These hold up well in a crash, as well as day in and day out use for years in all weather.
  • Alpinestars OCTANE Glove, $79.95. One of the first supermoto-specific gloves to come out, designed by Alpinestars after years of input and testing from professional supermoto racers.
  • Alpinestars S-1 Glove, $149.95. Since coming out with the OCTANE, Alpinestars stamped out a long range of copycat gloves with slight variations. This S1 glove again is degined with supermoto in mind and takes the Octane further, covering the wrist area with padded and leather and adding beefy knuckle protection to the glove as well.
  • Racer's Short Sport, $124.95 is a super comfortable short street riding glove. One of the most comfortable short gloves we sell. Designed for road use.


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