Felt Cruiser Bikes

if it rolls, kiss it

Last week Motostrano added Felt Bicycles to it's line-up of very cool products. It's hard not to like these burley little cruisers. Yea, we know- no motor. So what? They're cool!!!

Felt Bicycles "lifestyle catalog" consists of an array of bicycles including classic cruisers, urban city bikes, fixie bikes and swanky cafe style bicycles. We like 'em. We sell 'em.

The Felt "Vintage Iron" bikes are inspired from off-road trophy bikes fromBultaco and Yamaha, complete with drum front brake! Light weight, beautifully painted, these bikes feature off-road biased tires, number plates, 3 speed internal rear hub and a comfortable ride.

Many of the bikes in the cruise line-up are modeled after vintage cafe racers, board trackers and antique cruiser motorcycles. The Felt Twin is one of our favorites, as is the military police replica bike, the MP.

The bikes use giant balloon 26 x 2.125 tires on wide rims. Many of the bikes feature full fenders, front and rear, coaster brakes and wide springy seats.

Amazing bicycles. Stop by our store and check these things out.



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