AGV Donkey Face Helmet

Donkey Face

Happy Holidays and thank you for your continued patronage all these years. We hope to serve you again in 2010.

AGV has announced two new Valentino Rossi helmets for the Vale lover.

For 2010 and available in January/February, AGV will issue the AGV Donkey GP Tech helmet, which really should be called the "Donkey Face", as a play on the most recent Face helmet. The Donkey will be a limited edition helmet. We don't have the numbers yet on how limited. Designed by Aldo Drudi and worn by Valentino at Misano, this is a helmet that will put a smile on your face and an ass on your head. Motostrano is taking pre-orders for this helmet now.

Available and shipping now, the new AGV Rossi K3 Celebrate 8 Helmetis modeled in graphics after the GP Tech Celebrate 8, at 1/4 the price: $219.95. A great helmet for the buck, the K3 has features of more expensive helmets crammed into a small budget. Now, with these cool Rossi graphics, the K3 is even better.


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