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AGV Donkey Face Helmet

Donkey Face Happy Holidays and thank you for your continued patronage all these years. We hope to serve you again in 2010. AGV has announced two new Valentino Rossi helmets for the Vale lover. For 2010 and available in January/February, AGV will issue the AGV Donkey GP Tech helmet , which really should be called the "Donkey Face", as a play on the most recent Face helmet. The Donkey will be a limited edition helmet. We don't have the numbers yet on how limited. Designed by Aldo Drudi and worn by Valentino at Misano, this is a helmet that will put a smile on your face and an ass on your head. Motostrano is taking pre-orders for this helmet now. Available and shipping now, the new AGV Rossi K3 Celebrate 8 Helmet is modeled in graphics after the GP Tech Celebrate 8, at 1/4 the price: $219.95. A great helmet for the buck, the K3 has features of more expensive helmets crammed into a small budget. Now, with these cool Rossi graphics, the K3 is even better.


ICON released a new protection device for the street rider today. Based on a fusion of their hi-vis vest and the Field armor protection vest, this product is designed to give you the best of both products in one unit, the Icon Mil Spec Field Armor Vest . The Field Armor vest rewrote the definition of street protection. A truly innovative product that rightfully dominates the competition. Combining this product with our industry leading Mil Spec vest was an easy decision. All the low-profile protection afforded by the FA vest combined with the daytime and nighttime high conspicuousness of the Mil Spec vest. Truly a win-win situation.Meets Mil Spec PPE Requirements Breathable Nylon Mesh Chassis w/ Synthetic Leather Overlays Impact Absorbing Articulated Back Plastic Elastic Adjustment Straps Form-Fitting Chassis stays in Place Abrasion Resistant Slider Panels Reinforced Rubber Chest Armor Impact Dispersing Molded Foam Imported. Icon Mil Spec Field Armor Vest

It's the 30th Anniversary of "Take it to the Limit"

It's the 30th Anniversary of "Take it to the Limit," the moto-race movie starring Kenny Roberts, Barry Sheene, Mike Hailwood, Steve Baker, Roer DeCoster, Bruce Penhall, Debbie Evans, Russ Collins, Gary Scott, Marty Smith and more. Director Peter Starr will introduce the film at two special Bay Area screenings, and the $20 tickets are tax deductible since 100% of the proceeds benefits Prostate Cancer Awareness & Education. It's for a good cause! The movie is 97 minutes. Sponsors are Urban Moto Magazine, Munroe Motors, HJC Helmets, Motion Pro, GEICO, Bennett Distributing, Lucas Oil, Bay Area Riders Forum, with co-sponsors Alice's Restaurant, American Sportbike Night, D-Store SF, Dudley Perkins Co., Northstar MC, San Francisco Motorcycle Club, and The Vampires MC. Please tell your friends and you'll probably see others. Come to either show. The flyer is attached. There might even be raffles before the movie! Advance Tickets and movie trailers at www.takeitto

Felt Cruiser Bikes

if it rolls, kiss it Last week Motostrano added Felt Bicycles to it's line-up of very cool products. It's hard not to like these burley little cruisers. Yea, we know- no motor. So what? They're cool!!! Felt Bicycles "lifestyle catalog" consists of an array of bicycles including classic cruisers, urban city bikes, fixie bikes and swanky cafe style bicycles. We like 'em. We sell 'em. The Felt "Vintage Iron" bikes are inspired from off-road trophy bikes from Bultaco and Yamaha , complete with drum front brake! Light weight, beautifully painted, these bikes feature off-road biased tires, number plates, 3 speed internal rear hub and a comfortable ride. Many of the bikes in the cruise line-up are modeled after vintage cafe racers, board trackers and antique cruiser motorcycles. The Felt Twin is one of our favorites, as is the military police replica bike, the MP . The bikes use giant balloon 26 x 2.125 tires on wide rims. Many of the bikes feature f

Supermoto Gloves

Motostrano's top picks for supermoto gloves. What to look for in a quality supermoto glove: Leather Knuckle Protection Flexibility Double stitched seams Multiple leather protection on palms Vented leather panels Motostrano sells a lot of gloves to supermoto riders. Note we prefer leather gloves, not fabric MX gloves for supermoto, for the sole reason that we've seen too many shredded gloves and hands from the use of MX gloves on pavement. Here are some of our favorite supermoto gloves for both racers and street riders! Alpinestars SP-S Glove , $89.99. In our view the best short glove makes ans has made for the past 5 years. High quality leather everywhere. Excellent carbon fiber knuckle protection, very comfortable. These hold up well in a crash, as well as day in and day out use for years in all weather. Alpinestars OCTANE Glove , $79.95. One of the first supermoto-specific gloves to come out, designed by Alpinestars after years of input and testing from professional supermoto