Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike

This week Motostrano added an electric bicycle to its product mix, with the Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bicycle.

See, we figured with electric bikes being oh about a hundred years old by now, it was time for a motor-cycle shop to jump in on the e-bike bandwagon. We're quick like that. Motorcycles began their lives originally as motorized bicycles, so you could say we are de-evolving.

The A2B electric bike is a blast to ride. It's kind of like riding downhill- all the time. Pedal if you want, coast if you want. Enjoy the scenery. Take it slow. Enjoy the silence. Park on the sidewalk, use the bike lane, carry your bike up to your apartment. Park your commuter tool in your cubicle. Whatever.

These bikes have a 20 mile range on the main battery. Double that with an add-on secondary battery. They cruise without pedaling at 20MPH (the legal limit for a motorized bicycle) and you can boost that up a few with pedal power. Riding an A2B is like riding a light weight moped but you can actually use it also as a bicycle if you want. Charge it up and go.

The wheels and tires on the bike are beefy, as is the frame and seat, giving this bike a firm and planted feel. Posture is a comfort bike/ cruiser bike stance.

Full suspension front and rear. Adjustable.

These bikes have a two year warranty with one year on the battery.

Good clean fun. A great way to commute to and fro work with some pedaling and still have Brianna give you that sexy wink she gives you every morning instead of arriving to work a sweaty mess.

Motostrano is a stocking dealer of the A2B. We will also be adding a full range of OEM and aftermarket accessories to our online catalog, including spare parts and upgrades. Call us to schedule a demo and buy one of these great bikes.


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