Supermoto Gift Ideas

"just in time for the holidays", as they say

We thought we'd give all the supermoto fans out there some ideas for Xmas gifts this season, seeing how it's getting close to the holidays and all. As a motorcycle rider, the last thing you may want is a new scarf this Christmas. You can use these ideas either for yourself, or your friends. Hint... pass this email on to the gift-giver in your local proximity...

A no-brainer gift for the active supermoto fan, racer or run-of-the-mill motorcyclist out there: any one of our four Supermoto DVDs. Impossible to find in stores, Motostrano stocks the DVDs and chances are good you or your buddies don't own all of them yet. Supermoto 2009 and Severe Supermoto 2 are new titles that were recently released.

We all have that friend, relative or husband or wife out there who's been struggling along in the Sportsman Class with their stock wheels and brakes, limping across the finishing line with cooked brake calipers and melted half-knobbies. Champions, they are, in their own class, but we all know they secretly or loudly desire a proper supermoto set-up. Motostrano's supermoto conversion kits start at $1100 right now and we can get kits out in time for Christmas.

Another great gift idea is any kind of product that is protective. Not only do many riders do without these items, it also makes a solid statement that you care about your favorite supermotardist and want as few bruises on them as possible. Motostrano stocks body armor products from Acerbis, Alpinestars, TPRO and others.

Other apparel related items include motorcycle gloves, a new jacket or under suit. Motorcycle boots, motorcycle socks, waterproof things.

Finally, casual wear items are a fool-proof gift for any motorsports fan. Alpinestars hoodies, t-shirts and hats are a great gift for any motorcycle rider. Many of our hoodies and t-shirts are on sale and we also have our popular Alpinestars T-Shirt Three Pack available again.

Motostrano as an easy return policy in case something doesn't fit or the receipient doesn't like the item. Around the holidays we extend our return policy time for easy returns and exchanges. If you think a return is possible, please make sure to avoid purchasing close-out items, since we reduced prices on these items drastically but also restrict our returns on them. Our close-out items are located here, here and here.

Need help? Give us a call or email us for more ideas. We're happy to recommend sizes on clothing or parts for a specific type of motorcycle. 650-780-9306


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