Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter Exhaust

Akrapovic Titanium

Akrapovic's new slip-on exhaust for the Ducati Streetfighter is now in stock! A truly beautiful exhaust paired to a very beautiful motorcycle. The new Akrapovic system features twin hexagonal shaped mufflers with titanium or carbon fiber muffler sleeve. Additionally, the Ducati Streetfighter puts out a powerful racing sound with this system. You will also save up to 3.45 kg compared to the stock Ducati exhaust system. In both configurations, mufflers include removable noise dampers. The Akrapovic SLIP-ON open system greatly increases the potential of the big twin cylinder engine. Both power and torque are increased over the entire rpm range, with the greatest increase shown in the middle and top of the range. We measured 147.79 HP at 9929 rpm, while the max. increased power of 4.95 HP was measured at 9850 rpm. That results in a much smoother ride as the biggest gain of power starts from 4500 rpm.

We also received more stock of the extremely rare and equally expensive full Akrapovic exhaust for the BMW HP2. These systems are all hand built by Akrapovic and offers a whopping 6.2HP increase!



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