Alpinestars BIONIC NECK Support SB

New for 2010, Alpinestars has put out a budget neck support retailing for just $289.95
The Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support (BNS) is a structure which is 
designed to work with a helmet to reduce the risk and severity of a 
catastrophic neck injury.* Rear Stabilizer Failure system - In the event of large loads being 
channeled onto the rear stabilizer there are several deliberate bending and fracture points. * Collar Bone preservation 1 - All parts in contact with the body use an expanded foam compound to distribute the impact force over the widest area, yet remain light in weight. * Collar Bone preservation 2 - A continuous frame member runs over the shoulders. There are no weak points in a critical part of the frame and there are no metal pins or screws sitting directly above the shoulders. * Choice of Strap Systems - The BNS is supplied with the X-Strap System which allows a small, light strap to secure the device to the rider.


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