AMA Doesn't Take a Stand on Health Care Reform

AMA's comments on Health Care reform skirt around the important issues and do not take a stand for motorcyclists.

If all Americans were guaranteed health care, motorcyclists would not be left out to dry as they are now by private health insurance companies who have the right to dump eligible high-risk insurance customers as they like.

Motorcyclists are being denied insurance NOW without a universal care option because motorcyclists are too expensive to insure in a private system. We all know people who have been denied insurance even through their employer's health insurance program based on the fact that they've been to the emergency room one too many times as a result from riding motocross, racing, track days or just plain commuting.

Every one knows you can't actually TELL your insurance company you ride, let alone race, a motorcycle or engage in any form of risky and entirely legal behavior- even when their questionnaire specifically asks you if you do - or they'll throw you out.

It's sad to see that when you would need the AMA to take an actual stand on something, they cower to the back of the room and basically say - we're not going to say either way whether
we want reform reform or not, regardless that our members can barely get insured now, but our members should be afraid of reform and oh if you do pass reform just make sure
motorcyclists are not left out.

The right thing to do would have been to stand behind universal care for all American citizens.

Joe Witherspoon


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