Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boot

A Sharp Boot

High quality boots that fit well, don't make you feel like your wearing cement galoshes, and offer good protection and feel on your bike are becoming harder and harder to find. As the economy batters corporate bottom lines, more and more manufacturers of motorcycle protective boots are either narrowing their product range, or trying to charge the same price for the better products they once made while stripping out the stuff that made them good in the first place.

When it comes to boots, Alpinestars appears to be going in the opposite direction. Over the past year, we've seen Astars come out with better and better boot products in all categories and, while their retail prices may be rising to compensate for fewer sales and increased costs, some excellent footwear products come into being.

One boot well worth a look, if you ride in the street, is the new Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boot. This is a higher end waterproof commuter / touring boot with classic non-moto boot looks and fine soft leather. How a motorcycle boot should look and how an Alpinestars boot should perform. It's a mid-calf leather and waterproof Gore-tex lined boot with protection at the shin, calf, heel and toe. You can easily wear this boot with nearly any bike, be it a sport bike, sport tourer, cruiser, standard, s-moto. Released just a few days ago, the SOHO Boot is shipping now.

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