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The Collectible AGV Rossi Face Helmet

All the good sizes in this helmet are gone, if you intend to wear the helmet. Still, MotoGP and Valentino Rossi enthusiasts from all over the world are contacting us to buy and collect this helmet. Buy it, own it, get it signed, keep it on a shelf or in the box fresh and new, the AGV Rossi Face Helmet is a very collectible helmet and still available in size 3XL! Motostrano has been selling these highly collectible AGV Helmets for the past five years.

Akrapovic Exhaust Product Line

ON ROAD Bolt-On Line The Akrapovic Bolt-on line represents the first step in exhaust system tuning, which is parallel to our Slip-on line. It replaces a stock muffler that is bolted to the header assembly. With the Bolt-on system you will get more power, more torque and less weight, which all reflects in a smoother ride and is the best compromise between price and performance. A carbon fiber outer muffler sleeve is also available The muffler clamp is made from carbon fiber; the metal clamp that is welded to the muffler can in some cases replace our regular carbon fiber clamp Repair kits are available for all models Some models are available in a homologated street legal version A muffler insert to reduce noise is optional Slip-On Line The Akrapovic Slip-on line represents the first step in exhaust system tuning. It is simple to install and replaces a stock muffler. It is also the best compromise between price and performance. With our Slip-on system you will get more power, more torque

Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter Exhaust

Akrapovic has released a brand new exhaust system for one of the sexiest motorcycles currently available. The Ducati Streetfighter is an exotic beauty. Now Akrapovic has made it possible to upgrade the performance and sound of this amazing motorcycle. The new Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter exhaust offers a great balance between price and performance, and represents the first step in the exhaust system tuning process. In addition to performance, the twin hexagonal shaped mufflers with titanium or carbon fiber muffler sleeve adds a clean racing look. Additionally, the Ducati will put out a much more powerful racing sound. You will also save up to 3.45 kg compared to the stock Ducati exhaust system. In both configurations, mufflers include removable noise dampers. Akrapovic says "The Akrapovic SLIP-ON open system greatly increases the potential of the big twin cylinder engine. Both power and torque are increased over the entire rpm range, with the greatest increase shown in the mid

Huge Akrapovic Exhaust sale

Motostrano is having a huge Akrapovic Exhaust sale featuring discounts up to 60% on some Akrapovic full exhaust systems. On sale are both the Akra EVO and RACING LINE full exhaust systems, as well as some Akrapovic slip-on exhausts . Exhausts that only a few months ago sold for $1800 are now available for less than $900! A great deal if you have 2004 to 2006 Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki sportbikes. Some Ducati exhaust systems are also on sale.

Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boot

A Sharp Boot High quality boots that fit well, don't make you feel like your wearing cement galoshes, and offer good protection and feel on your bike are becoming harder and harder to find. As the economy batters corporate bottom lines, more and more manufacturers of motorcycle protective boots are either narrowing their product range, or trying to charge the same price for the better products they once made while stripping out the stuff that made them good in the first place. When it comes to boots, Alpinestars appears to be going in the opposite direction. Over the past year, we've seen Astars come out with better and better boot products in all categories and, while their retail prices may be rising to compensate for fewer sales and increased costs, some excellent footwear products come into being. One boot well worth a look, if you ride in the street, is the new Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boot . This is a higher end waterproof commuter / touring boot wit

Fuel on the Fear Fire

The recent American Motorcyclist Association alert regarding healthcare reform sparked a heated debate over at Hell For Leather recently that is worth checking out. I managed to assemble and post a respectable comment on the topic as well: "I wrote about the AMA warning in my own blog and was amazed to hear that the largest organization in the country for motorcyclists rights won't take a stand on the issue of healthcare one way or another, BUT, the AMA has no problem throwing more fuel on the fire of fear. The AMA needs to take a stand on this issue and stand behind motorcyclists who are constantly being denied health care coverage based on the fact that they ride a motorcycle and/or have have been to the ER room one too many times as a result of a crash either on the street or on the track. The AMA promotes, sanctions and sponsors professional and amateur racing, and rider safety, for American citizens that cannot afford to have comprehensive insurance. We all know of profe

5 New Alpinestars Backpacks

Bag It Alpinestars has put out five new backpacks that we think are worth a look. Alpinestars has rarely been one to skimp on their bags and backpacks and these new items follow in that same tried and true path so , hopefully you haven't all ready bought that back-to-school bag! The Alpinestars Protection Pack is a Swiss army knife of a bag, integrating back protection, generous storage and a helmet carrier into one tight package. The Alpinestars Range Pack is big and holds tons of stuff, plus a helmet. The Alpinestars Deploy Pack is a standard size back pack focused on laptop storage. The Alpinestars Commuter Pack reminds me of the tight and compact bags Bear Grylls uses in Man vs. Wild. The Alpinestars Hydro Pack is a comfortable, non-intrusive water carrier ergonomically designed to offer a close, low profile fit on the rider. Please also check our TwoWheelSteals web site for super blow out bargains.

AMA Doesn't Take a Stand on Health Care Reform

AMA's comments on Health Care reform skirt around the important issues and do not take a stand for motorcyclists. If all Americans were guaranteed health care, motorcyclists would not be left out to dry as they are now by private health insurance companies who have the right to dump eligible high-risk insurance customers as they like. Motorcyclists are being denied insurance NOW without a universal care option because motorcyclists are too expensive to insure in a private system. We all know people who have been denied insurance even through their employer's health insurance program based on the fact that they've been to the emergency room one too many times as a result from riding motocross, racing, track days or just plain commuting. Every one knows you can't actually TELL your insurance company you ride, let alone race, a motorcycle or engage in any form of risky and entirely legal behavior- even when their questionnaire specifically asks you if you do - or they'