ICON 2009 Products

ICON's fascination with militarism, monsters and cartoon women seems never ending. If you were over that already, too bad, because a whole new stream of products and their corresponding horror imagery have been unleashed to the world so that you can fulfill your MadMax end-of-the-world fantasies in brand new leather, textile, denim and Fiberglass.

But first, when the end of the civilized world does happen, the roads are going to be the first thing to go, which means that as a motorcycle rider you're going to spend more time crashing as you negotiate craters and ordnance. So, ICON has released what appears to be a pretty good CE approved back protector to catch your fall. And this thing is for sale at an "end of the world" price, at just $90 for the plane vanilla version or a little more for the fancy style.

Check out the whole line-up here.


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