Alpinestars Fall 2009 Addition Products

Alpinestars has released a number of intriguing products for fall 2009 and we are liking them. The theme of many of the new stuff seems to be one of product fusion. It's almost as if the product designers and creative department took a chunk of existing but widely different products, through them in a bag and shook them up, to see what would come out of the mix. Take a casual hoody out of the fridge, add one waterproof motorcycle jacket and shake: enjoy your refreshing Northshore Tech Fleece smoothie. Grab a full blown race boot off the shelf, add one quart of waterproof touring boot, stir, add one or two large olives and take a sip of a stiff Supertech Touring Boot martini. We have some of the choice products up on our home page now. The rest is neatly categorized in our Alpinestars section.

Please also check our TwoWheelSteals web site for super blow out bargains.


Anonymous said…
It is rather interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

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