Alpinestars Fall 2009 Addition Products

Alpinestars has released a number of new items for their Fall 2009 catalog and these are available for pre-order now on

There are two "big news" products as far as I can see so far, having just seen the new line up a few hours ago. Each of them are at opposite ends of the intended customer spectrum, as well as the price guage.

The first is a waterproof leather jacket and pants outfit. The Alpinestars 365 Gore-Tex Leather Jacket is a 100% waterproof leather jacket that's perforated and an engineering marvel. Or is it? I mean cows are waterproof, why shouldn't their hide be waterproof as Mother Nature intended it to be? In any event, special leather treating has made the hide waterproof and there are matching Alpinestars 365 Leather Pants as well, to go along with the Alpinestars 365 Leather Gloves that were released last Winter. Combine all three with some waterproof leather boots to be fully protected, dry and comfortable all at the same time. Jacket cost? $1299.00 Pants cost? $1199.00. So, 95% of the moto population will be whining and complaining about this over-priced engineering marvel; the other 2% will take a second job to pay for it and the remaining few percentages will plunk down their Titanium Amex cards and own this great gear. Motostrano hopes to cater to each and every one of them.

The other product, or pair of products, that we think are truly revolutionary are the Alpinestars Northshore Tech Fleece and the Alpinestars Quantum DNS Jacket. These jackets are said to be targeted for the urban city commuter and should also be popular with the hoody-n-tennies riders that either can't afford a jacket or don't care to use one. These are really just genetically enhanced hoodies and I'm suprised that Alpinestars stuck their foot out first with this and not ICON Motorsports. And more power to them, because like many of the products in the ICON line-up, the guys who ride around with no protection at all, need a nudge (or a kick) to get even some basic stuff on their body that performs better in a crash than 98% cotton; and schwank city commuters need a quick pullover jacket that has the possibility of protection, can deal with a little wet and walking around off the bike. When you factor in that you can actually buy high fashion or even FOX Racing hoodies for $100, the price tag on the Northshore, $159.00, really isn't a bad deal at all.


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