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Supermoto Clothing

Supermoto Clothing Motostrano's "deal a day" web site, has been updated with deals on supermoto clothing, parts and accessories. Most recently we updated 2009 and 2008 Troy Lee Designs clearance supermoto pants at a deep discount. Save 30 and 40% off retail for these and other items at twowheelsteals. You'll also find discounted helmets, gloves, bike parts, sprockets, brake rotors and more. Also check out our Outlet store where we devote more close-out items categorized by item type. X-Games 2009 is this weekend! Follow Motostrano on Twitter.

MVD Racewear - Supermoto Race Clothing

Motostrano is now taking pre-orders for the new MVD Racewear due for release in the USA next month. MVD Racewear is the product of Dutch and European Supermoto Champion Marcel van Drunen. Each item is designed specifically for supermoto racing, using the latest production techniques and highest quality materials. MVD Racewear is designed for protection, comfort and light weight. All seams are double stitched for extra safety. Designed for less weight, combined MVD Racewear gear weighs half the weight of a normal 1 piece leather suit. MVD offers a perforated leather upper body protector with integrated back protector, shoulder and elbow armor; a perforated leather racing pant; a short leather supermoto glove; and a matching poly synthetic jersey. MVDRacewear , the Netherlands Available at

Official Motostrano X Games Graphics

KLR 650 R Army Bikes in Action in Afghanistan

Some customer shots from some army guys stationed in Afghanistan. These guys stocked up on some Wolfman luggage for a trip they are planning from Afghanistan to Bosnia Herzegovina. Sounds like a blast!

Leo Vince for Army Bikes, KLR 650 Exhaust

Due out in September, 2009. Can't wait!

Studly ICON Helmet

Our ICON rep stopped by yesterday to show off the new ICON Represent helmet , showing also some surprise customization options for the Alliance SSR models. ICON Motorsports never fails to both revolt and inspire at the same time with their crazy ideas for motorsports apparel and these new add-ons for your ICON Alliance SSR will not let you down in that regard. You've seen (and we've hated) the mohawk trend for helmets. Well, soon you'll be able to buy add-on devilish horns that bolt on to your helmet. That's right, horns and studs. Here's a sneak peak:

Transmogrified AFX DS Helmet

When you have a $115 helmet to play around with, the possibilities are endless. This helmet was dropped off by a buddy of ours recently. It's a painted and stickered AFX FX-37 DS Helmet .

ICON Represent Helmet

A novel idea from the lid junkies at ICON Motorsports! The new ICON Represent Helmet is based on the Alliance SSR Helmet model and comes in one color version, with 7 different side graphic treatments, each "representin" various parts of the United States. There's NOR CAL, SO CAL, DETROIT, NEW YORK, DIRTY SOUTH and PHILLY as options for you to show your geographic roots or dedication. And if you just like the helmet but you're from, say, Hawaii, you can opt out and just get the ICON branded one.