[I'm reposting this for a good friend of ours who had their bike stolen from their locked garage the other day in San Francisco. JW]

Hi everyone,

I am sending this to all my fellow motorcyclist who are some how associated to me thru motorcycling. One of my dearest friends had her MV Agusta stolen and the douche bags were even caught on film taking the bike! Take a long close look at these mother fuckers and let me know if any of you knows these pricks ASAP. god I hate these fucking guys. Don't they know there's a moral code between bikers?

Look, I don't ever get all chain letter on anyone but if you can forward this email to as many local bikers it would really help. I just need ONE person to know where we can find these guys. Just ONE pissed off ex-girlfriend of theirs to gimme a name or location. I don't want to know who they are or how they know. I just need to fix this NOW. Do this as a personal favor to me folks, we need to right this.

This happened last night so let's hurry this thing up and see if we cant get this bike back.

Here's the bike they stole on 6/17 at 10:15pm:

2004 MV Agusta, Red with lots of carbon fiber and fold in mirrors, stolen by a short Asian and another tall white guy


From 730 Florida Street

They entered the building with a key code at the front door and rode the bike out the garage.


Anonymous said…
SOMEone knows these people. I'm in Dallas and I just got this email. So you know with this kind of coverage that there will be nowhere for the bike thieves to hide. Maybe make a post in your local forums or something too.

Brothers (and sisters) have to stick together!

Motostrano people...please be sure and update us or give equal coverage to the arrest/apprehension of the thieves, and or the recovery of the Augusta.
Motostrano said…
Melissa sends us this update on the lost and found bike!

"I appologize but I just saw the Motostrano blog. Thank you so much. I got her back, totalled. The idiot crashed her into a wall or something, bend the forks, cracked the triple clamp and engine but.....neglected to strip her of the multiple carbon fiber bits? I feel like all the pressure for you and everyone else really helped. It was horrible to see her mushed and neglected but back was so much better than gone forever. Thank you for all your help.

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