Akrapovic's Highest End High End Exhaust for the BMW HP2 Sport

Akrapovic is known worldwide as the most advanced aftermarket exhaust manufacturer for motorcycles in the world. So you know the company is up to something special when it releases their most expensive exhaust to date. Designed for the 2009 BMW HP2 Sport motorcycle, the all new Akrapovic Full Exhaust unit retails for $4,183.95 and is made for track day and competition use.

Based on the Akrapovic Evolution system, this exhaust is advertised as being all hand built; and I can tell you that if I had an HP2 Sport and bought this exhaust I'd want to be sure that mine was hand-built by luscious Slovenian women engineers wearing little but bikinis and white doctors coats and sun tan lotion.

And, we really don't know anything else about the Akrapovic BMW H2 Sport Evolution exhaust, but that it will be available soon.


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