AGV Rossi We gonna Celebr-8 and have a good time

It's up to you, what's your pleasure

We've been notified by our secret spies on the loading docs of AGV USA that the all new limited edition AGV Rossi helmet, the AGV Rossi Celebr-8 is now shipping! If you are among the lucky few who got their orders in early, sit back and wait for that tracking number shortly. If you haven't got an order in and want this helmet, we suggest acting now. Only a few units in a few sizes are left. We have a number of M, L and Xl still unspoken for, but not many.

Rossi rode with the Celebr-8 helmet after his eighth Moto GP World Championship and has been wearing it during the cold and brutal winter testing months. Available in Black. Very limited helmet. Only 250 will be introduced into the American market.

And, has been updated too.


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