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We are now taking pre-orders for the all new graphic models of the famous AFX DS FX-37 Supermoto and Dual Sport helmet. If the blah color schemes of the solid color models were keeping you from pulling the trigger on this great low priced Supermoto helmet, check out the great colors available for this one now .


[I'm reposting this for a good friend of ours who had their bike stolen from their locked garage the other day in San Francisco. JW] Hi everyone, I am sending this to all my fellow motorcyclist who are some how associated to me thru motorcycling. One of my dearest friends had her MV Agusta stolen and the douche bags were even caught on film taking the bike! Take a long close look at these mother fuckers and let me know if any of you knows these pricks ASAP. god I hate these fucking guys. Don't they know there's a moral code between bikers? Look, I don't ever get all chain letter on anyone but if you can forward this email to as many local bikers it would really help. I just need ONE person to know where we can find these guys. Just ONE pissed off ex-girlfriend of theirs to gimme a name or location. I don't want to know who they are or how they know. I just need to fix this NOW. Do this as a personal favor to me folks, we need to right this. This happened last night

3 Limited Alpinestars T-Shirts

We have some limited edition racer t-shirts from Alpinestars available for purchase while supplies last: Visit our web site now to purchase!

Akrapovic's Highest End High End Exhaust for the BMW HP2 Sport

Akrapovic is known worldwide as the most advanced aftermarket exhaust manufacturer for motorcycles in the world. So you know the company is up to something special when it releases their most expensive exhaust to date. Designed for the 2009 BMW HP2 Sport motorcycle , the all new Akrapovic Full Exhaust unit retails for $4,183.95 and is made for track day and competition use. Based on the Akrapovic Evolution system, this exhaust is advertised as being all hand built; and I can tell you that if I had an HP2 Sport and bought this exhaust I'd want to be sure that mine was hand-built by luscious Slovenian women engineers wearing little but bikinis and white doctors coats and sun tan lotion. And, we really don't know anything else about the Akrapovic BMW H2 Sport Evolution exhaust , but that it will be available soon.

Alpinestars T-Monterey textile jacket

Alpinestars T-Monterey Jacket, $129.95 Ahhh, Monterey, California. A magical place. Home to giant kelp forests, prickly sea anemone, Cannery Row and Laguna Seca race track. When I think of Monterey I think of these things and an always moderately cool temperature made soothing by the area's ever present fog that rolls in each day from the Pacific. I think of bubbly beer and dangling calamari, and the thunder of motorcycles in the background. So it's fitting that Alpinestars made a textile jacket seemingly titled after this great place. The Alpinestars T-Monterey textile jacket was introduced just last year and is a fine jacket to own wherever you ride, as long as it's in the street. Made of Nylon fabric with non-water absorbing mesh construction it has all the usual bells and whistles you find in the Alpinestars non-leather jacket line-up: removable CE approved soft elbow and shoulder protectors, removable and water/wind resistant long sleeve liner, mult

AGV Rossi We gonna Celebr-8 and have a good time

It's up to you, what's your pleasure We've been notified by our secret spies on the loading docs of AGV USA that the all new limited edition AGV Rossi helmet, the A GV Rossi Celebr-8 is now shipping! If you are among the lucky few who got their orders in early, sit back and wait for that tracking number shortly. If you haven't got an order in and want this helmet, we suggest acting now. Only a few units in a few sizes are left. We have a number of M, L and Xl still unspoken for, but not many. Rossi rode with the Celebr-8 helmet after his eighth Moto GP World Championship and has been wearing it during the cold and brutal winter testing months. Available in Black. Very limited helmet. Only 250 will be introduced into the American market. And, has been updated too.

Check Your Speed

All that noise, and all that sound, All those places I got found. Next time Johnny Law calls you over for a one-on-one meeting on the side of your favorite back road with lights flashing, make sure you at least have a vague idea of how fast you were going with one of our specialized speedometers. We've recently beefed up our catalog of speedometers and guages for supermoto and street bikes and now offer three brands to choose from and multiple configurations and sizes to suit most bikes. If your supermoto's guage is not reading properly or simply doesn't exist, these kits are a great option; easy to install and nearly guaranteed to reduce your ticket expenses in most counties. And, Twowheelsteals .com has been updated too.

Yoshimura RS4 Dual Carbon Exhaust

Dual Shorty Low Bow for the DRZ 400 Our first pallet of the all new and very cool Yoshimura RS4 Dual Carbon Exhaust for the Suzuki DRZ400 arrived this week. Until recently, this exhaust was available only to pro racer boys like Kevin Schwantz. Mere mortals can now enjoy this highly developed system from Yoshimura, available for the Suzuki DRZ400. This system is unique (to say the least) and you must know by now that we like stuff that fits in the category of no category at all. In fact, if it's nearly down right weird , all the better, we say. We're told that Kevin Schwantz helped design the system and that he directed the engineers at Yosh to develop a "Hot Rod" exhaust system: "We obliged and one of our most sought-after-yet-unobtainable pipes was created, which, up to now, was not available to the general public." For 2009, Yoshimura is offering these incredible "Twice Pipes" which are completely fabricated by hand and

ICON Dia De Los Muertos Helmet

ICON has a penchant for making bad-ass things. In that tradition, ICON has released their newest Alliance SSR graphic model, the ICON Dia De Los Muertos helmet . Reminiscent of one of my own bad acid trips from High School, the Dia De Los Muertos works with some freaky imagery and super bright Mexican colors to make a work of art on your head. I'm waiting for the accompanying comic book that should come with helmets like these, but for $180 i'll make up my own!