Can you say "Akrapovic"?

If you can't, you're not alone and you're in good company! A quick feeler over at Google for "Akrapovic pronounce" pulls up all kinds of linguistic struggles with this name. "Ack-rap-o-vich" seems to be the best rendition but doesn't convey the guttural juice that's probably really needed to give it flavor. We find that your chances of pronouncing it correctly and with feeling depends on how much Vodka you've had that day. "Acerbis" is another common tongue twister for us Yankees, among others.

However the word is said, it's common knowledge that Akrapovič makes some fine exhaust systems. They are the kind of exhaust that other exhausts look up to like an older, more refined, naturally endowed and elegant female distant cousin from eastern Europe who spends a lot of time traveling to exotic cities to go shopping. I mean, name one other motorcycle exhaust company that produces it's own glossy magazine that looks like it would be in good company in the seat back pocket of a private jet en route to watch practice in Qatar.

For 2009, Akra has kept the bar in the raised position, with a long list of new products for 2009 street and off-road bikes, as well as redesigned systems for earlier bike models. If you're in the market for a new exhaust and you enjoy over-the-top quality, then plan on a daily diet of Top Ramen and Snickers bars from the company kitchen until your next pay check rolls around, because performance+quality comes at a price. No worries. You've endured far worse for far less in the past!

We invite you to review the Akrapovic 2009 line-up at our web site. And ICON makes an Akrapovic Jacket!. Twowheelsteals has been updated too.


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