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Goodbye Cat Pants, It's Been Fun

Meow It's an inevatibility with all products. Eventually, all things go away; some times unexpededly, some times with great fanfare and a kick in the behind on the way out. Some products you come to love over the years. Others, you're glad to see them go and usually you forgot they were even there in the first place. Some products provide daily cheer and good times without asking anything in return. Selling them and buying them can be a highlight of a day, or even a week, for any average Joe parts counter guy. The Alpinestars Cat Pants (recently relagated to Discontinued status and on sale for just $129.95) have been one of those products for the last three or four years. Pick up a pair while they are still around. You see, working the day shift at the parts counter on the daily grind can come to wear on a guy. First of all, parts counters are greasy, worn out and full of stickers. Big greasy guys with guts looking for a Keihin carb jet kit. There's a lot of "Yea,

Alpinestars Clearance Sale up to 70% Off

Fresh Deals on Top Selling Products The deals on clearance Alpinestars products keep flowing in! Select models of Alpinestars boots, gloves, jackets and suits have been posted. Here's some noteworthy deals you'll want to snag or tell a friend about: Alpinestars Effex Gore-Tex Boots - normally $215.95 are now just $161.95 while supplies last. These are excellent touring waterproof boots. Great for commuting as well. The track or street road boots, the Alpinestars SMX R Boots - normally $259.95 are now $195.00. The SMX R boots are a great boot for track days and racing, or just plain old back hill "spirited riding". Alpinestars Octane and SG-1 Suits are on sale for just $499.00, down from nearly $700! These are moving quick, so if you think you want to buy a suit this year, act soon. The very best deal we have right now on gloves is the Alpinestars GP Tech Glove , on sale for just $169.95. The $109 price on the GP Plus gloves is also stil

Day of Stars Thursday July 2, 2009

When: Where: Cost: Thursday, July 2 nd 2009, 8:00am – 4:00pm Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Turn 4 $500 tax deductable donation per person* Join us for an exclusive behind the scenes look at MotoGP! Held on the Thursday immediately before the Red Bull US Grand Prix weekend, this one-day exclusive event provides you an opportunity to meet MotoGP stars, both past and present. Grand Prix legend and Riders for Health co-founder Randy Mamola is emceeing the event so it promises to be entertaining! Day of Stars benefits Riders for H

Can you say "Akrapovic"?

If you can't, you're not alone and you're in good company! A quick feeler over at Google for "Akrapovic pronounce" pulls up all kinds of linguistic struggles with this name. "Ack-rap-o-vich" seems to be the best rendition but doesn't convey the guttural juice that's probably really needed to give it flavor. We find that your chances of pronouncing it correctly and with feeling depends on how much Vodka you've had that day. " Acerbis " is another common tongue twister for us Yankees, among others. However the word is said, it's common knowledge that Akrapovič makes some fine exhaust systems. They are the kind of exhaust that other exhausts look up to like an older, more refined, naturally endowed and elegant female distant cousin from eastern Europe who spends a lot of time traveling to exotic cities to go shopping. I mean, name one other motorcycle exhaust company that produces it's own glossy magazine that looks like it