Kali Protectives MX Helmets

For the past two months Motostrano has been secrety selling a new line of helmets put out by local SF Bay area clan Kali Protectives. Call it "test selling", maybe. The good people at Kali kindly visited our showroom recently to introduce the helmet to us and we were intrigued, evnetually leading us to let the products into our catalog. Actually, our first impression of the helmet was something a lot like "Holy shit! that is light!"

Yet another MX helmet on the market you say? Not really, but yea, a little. But these do stand out, both technically and graphically. Super light weight and feature packed. The EPS liner of the Kali helmets are sprayed into the helmet shell, rather than made outside the shell and glued in as other helmets. This creates a lighter and stronger helmet, more solid. 

The Kali Aatma helmets are very vented and have all the usual higher end features as far as removable liners and so forth. Priced at $299.00.  They say "From the dreams of riders to the scratch pads of aerospace engineers, revolutionary Composite Fusion™ technology is introduced with the Kali AATMA helmet. Weighing in at 1200 grams (*), the AATMA represents one of the lightest, most durable and best fitting motocross helmets imaginable.UNIVERSAL SELLING POINTS Fiberglass Shell with Composite Fusion EPS Liner. Integrated Airflow System. Antibacterial, removable, washable liner. Meets or exceeds AMA, FIM, CCS, Formula-USA racing standards"

The Kali Mantra helmet is a step down and a great value for the buck. They say "Kali MANTRA Helmet is our most elemental helmet, featuring an ABS shell for overall toughness and impact resistance. The MANTRA Helmet is both feature and graphic rich, providing a new reference in head protection.Product Features: • ABS Shell with EPS Liner • Integrated Airflow System • Breakaway visor design • Antibacterial, removable, washable liner • Safety certifications include ECE22.05, DOT (FMVSS 218) • Meets or exceeds AMA, FIM, CCS, Formula-USA racing standards"


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