Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots

With the downturn in the economy manufacturers have been finding ways to squeeze out as much profit as they can out of existing products, often by charging the same, or more, for less. Buy a bag of chips and you'll pay the same as you did last year, but you get half the amount of chips in the bag. Portions are shrinking, stuff gets made more cheaply but you pay the same or more.

Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots are on item that haven't changed for the worse over the years, though a price adjustment did take place recently pushing them over the $300 mark at $349.95. They are, we feel, one of, if not the, best boot you can own for serious sport and track riding or racing.

The SMX Plus is Alpinestars top selling roadrace boot and for good reason. Great fit, super comfortable and full blown protection. They last and protect for many years and miles of use and provide excellent ankle, toe and shin protection.

The specs read like this: Contoured shin plate protector is injected with high modulus PU for superior impact and abrasion resistance.* U shaped calf protector is impact resistant and protects the ankle and calf area. Additional protection is provided by the top recessed buckle structure.* Interchangeable bi-injected PU toe sliders with snap-in assembly.* Wide and ventilated heel counter extends to the ankles and is combined with a shock absorbing padded insert and self-molding foam ankle protectors.* Replaceable sliders are positioned in the back and external section of the heel to allow the boot to slide and absorb shocks.* Injected PU material extended to the to area.* Large instep flex zone for maximum comfort and flexibility.* Lorica and leather upper.* Sole has been designed for improved feeling between the rider's foot and the pegs of the motorcycle.* Instep speed lacing closure and a unique lateral zipper.* Replaceable ratchet buckle closure on the calf features a hidden strap for security and is integrated with a calf slider.* Synthetic forefoot lining laminated with open cell foam. Highly breathable lining on ankle and leg areas.* Alpinestars anatomical and replaceable countered footbed provides arch support and forefoot pedal feeling.

A great boot. For 2009 Alpinestars has put out some new color options. The WHITE/ RED Vented is the ticket. The best part? They haven't changed a bit, as far as we can tell. Nothing's thinner, smaller, or less in these boots.


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