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AGV Donkey Face Helmet

Donkey Face Happy Holidays and thank you for your continued patronage all these years. We hope to serve you again in 2010. AGV has announced two new Valentino Rossi helmets for the Vale lover. For 2010 and available in January/February, AGV will issue the AGV Donkey GP Tech helmet , which really should be called the "Donkey Face", as a play on the most recent Face helmet. The Donkey will be a limited edition helmet. We don't have the numbers yet on how limited. Designed by Aldo Drudi and worn by Valentino at Misano, this is a helmet that will put a smile on your face and an ass on your head. Motostrano is taking pre-orders for this helmet now. Available and shipping now, the new AGV Rossi K3 Celebrate 8 Helmet is modeled in graphics after the GP Tech Celebrate 8, at 1/4 the price: $219.95. A great helmet for the buck, the K3 has features of more expensive helmets crammed into a small budget. Now, with these cool Rossi graphics, the K3 is even better.


ICON released a new protection device for the street rider today. Based on a fusion of their hi-vis vest and the Field armor protection vest, this product is designed to give you the best of both products in one unit, the Icon Mil Spec Field Armor Vest . The Field Armor vest rewrote the definition of street protection. A truly innovative product that rightfully dominates the competition. Combining this product with our industry leading Mil Spec vest was an easy decision. All the low-profile protection afforded by the FA vest combined with the daytime and nighttime high conspicuousness of the Mil Spec vest. Truly a win-win situation.Meets Mil Spec PPE Requirements Breathable Nylon Mesh Chassis w/ Synthetic Leather Overlays Impact Absorbing Articulated Back Plastic Elastic Adjustment Straps Form-Fitting Chassis stays in Place Abrasion Resistant Slider Panels Reinforced Rubber Chest Armor Impact Dispersing Molded Foam Imported. Icon Mil Spec Field Armor Vest

It's the 30th Anniversary of "Take it to the Limit"

It's the 30th Anniversary of "Take it to the Limit," the moto-race movie starring Kenny Roberts, Barry Sheene, Mike Hailwood, Steve Baker, Roer DeCoster, Bruce Penhall, Debbie Evans, Russ Collins, Gary Scott, Marty Smith and more. Director Peter Starr will introduce the film at two special Bay Area screenings, and the $20 tickets are tax deductible since 100% of the proceeds benefits Prostate Cancer Awareness & Education. It's for a good cause! The movie is 97 minutes. Sponsors are Urban Moto Magazine, Munroe Motors, HJC Helmets, Motion Pro, GEICO, Bennett Distributing, Lucas Oil, Bay Area Riders Forum, with co-sponsors Alice's Restaurant, American Sportbike Night, D-Store SF, Dudley Perkins Co., Northstar MC, San Francisco Motorcycle Club, and The Vampires MC. Please tell your friends and you'll probably see others. Come to either show. The flyer is attached. There might even be raffles before the movie! Advance Tickets and movie trailers at www.takeitto

Felt Cruiser Bikes

if it rolls, kiss it Last week Motostrano added Felt Bicycles to it's line-up of very cool products. It's hard not to like these burley little cruisers. Yea, we know- no motor. So what? They're cool!!! Felt Bicycles "lifestyle catalog" consists of an array of bicycles including classic cruisers, urban city bikes, fixie bikes and swanky cafe style bicycles. We like 'em. We sell 'em. The Felt "Vintage Iron" bikes are inspired from off-road trophy bikes from Bultaco and Yamaha , complete with drum front brake! Light weight, beautifully painted, these bikes feature off-road biased tires, number plates, 3 speed internal rear hub and a comfortable ride. Many of the bikes in the cruise line-up are modeled after vintage cafe racers, board trackers and antique cruiser motorcycles. The Felt Twin is one of our favorites, as is the military police replica bike, the MP . The bikes use giant balloon 26 x 2.125 tires on wide rims. Many of the bikes feature f

Supermoto Gloves

Motostrano's top picks for supermoto gloves. What to look for in a quality supermoto glove: Leather Knuckle Protection Flexibility Double stitched seams Multiple leather protection on palms Vented leather panels Motostrano sells a lot of gloves to supermoto riders. Note we prefer leather gloves, not fabric MX gloves for supermoto, for the sole reason that we've seen too many shredded gloves and hands from the use of MX gloves on pavement. Here are some of our favorite supermoto gloves for both racers and street riders! Alpinestars SP-S Glove , $89.99. In our view the best short glove makes ans has made for the past 5 years. High quality leather everywhere. Excellent carbon fiber knuckle protection, very comfortable. These hold up well in a crash, as well as day in and day out use for years in all weather. Alpinestars OCTANE Glove , $79.95. One of the first supermoto-specific gloves to come out, designed by Alpinestars after years of input and testing from professional supermoto

Supermoto Gift Ideas

"just in time for the holidays", as they say We thought we'd give all the supermoto fans out there some ideas for Xmas gifts this season, seeing how it's getting close to the holidays and all. As a motorcycle rider, the last thing you may want is a new scarf this Christmas. You can use these ideas either for yourself, or your friends. Hint... pass this email on to the gift-giver in your local proximity... A no-brainer gift for the active supermoto fan, racer or run-of-the-mill motorcyclist out there: any one of our four Supermoto DVDs . Impossible to find in stores, Motostrano stocks the DVDs and chances are good you or your buddies don't own all of them yet. Supermoto 2009 and Severe Supermoto 2 are new titles that were recently released. We all have that friend, relative or husband or wife out there who's been struggling along in the Sportsman Class with their stock wheels and brakes, limping across the finishing line with cooked brak

Sneak Peak: Givi Ducati Streetfighter Luggage

We got a sneak peak of some soft luggage to be available soon for the Ducati Streetfighter:

Science Minute: Eyes Wide Shut

Science Minute: Today scientists in Geneva, Switzerland announced a new technology designed to allow car drivers to maintain their speed while facing the sun. Dr. Franz Augen, who grew up in the small town of Scheinberg, says he came up with the chemical theory for tinting plastic while on vacation last summer in California. The new technology called "Sunglasses" is expected to transform the way we drive when facing the sun. Dr. Augen: "We were traveling with my family near San Francisco one early morning, when suddenly all of the traffic came to a near stop and I thought Was ist Das? Was ist los? Some type of incident? Are they construction on the road? Thirty minutes later, when we came to the end of the traffic, there was nothing. I was shocked." That's when Dr. Augen, a Chemical engineer, looked up and saw that it was the sun that was causing all of this traffic and that nothing was actually in the road to make so many drivers slow down to a near stop. "

Team Intents Race Report - Motegi

Race Report for Team Intents Racing / Motostrano / JST Racing Round #9 of All Japan Supermoto at Twin Ring MOTEGI Team Intents Racing / Motostrano / JST Racing is a two-rider team including, Travis Marks #64 and Brandon Case #33. Travis Marks has a background in motocross and begin racing supermoto in 2003 with the start of the AMA Supermoto Series. Brandon Case will be competing in his first full year in XTRM/AMA Supermoto Series. Both riders will be competing on 09 Honda CRF 450 in the Premier class at the 2009 XTRM/AMA Supermoto Series and selected local races. Team Sponsors are Intents Racing,, JST Racing, Motion Pro, SME, Hammerhead, Independent, Pro Honda Oils, Leo Vince, Alpinestar, Larabar, Superpass and Travis Marks would also like to thank, Shoei, Hart and Huntington, American Supercamp, Pinit Motorsports and X Brand Goggles Brandon Case would also like to thank, JA Cook Investments Inc., Precision Intermedia, Bad Asstrich’s Designs, Mamm

Ultra Motor A2B Short Term Review

I've been riding our demo A2B electric bike for the past week for testing purposes and the bike is living up to its reputation as a great commuter tool. I took the bike so far on 4 ten mile trips of varying terrain and it's performed very well. Handling- thanks to the bike's stout frame, wide tires and burly suspension, the A2B Ultra Motor is very flickable at all speeds. The frame is well balanced and rider position is very comfortable. Not super sporty, but not wholly cruiser-like either. You feel like you are on a heavier bicycle or a very light moped. It feels much more planted than a standard light weight bicycle. Speed- the speed of this bike is impressive, which isn't to say that I don't yearn for another ten or twenty mph out of it, but it definitely gets up and goes plenty fine for a bike of this weight. In the higher speeds, the bike seems to have two ranges- a cruising speed and a passing speed. As the battery wears down on longer trips, that passing sp

Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike

This week Motostrano added an electric bicycle to its product mix, with the Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bicycle . See, we figured with electric bikes being oh about a hundred years old by now, it was time for a motor-cycle shop to jump in on the e-bike bandwagon. We're quick like that. Motorcycles began their lives originally as motorized bicycles, so you could say we are de-evolving. The A2B electric bike is a blast to ride. It's kind of like riding downhill- all the time. Pedal if you want, coast if you want. Enjoy the scenery. Take it slow. Enjoy the silence. Park on the sidewalk, use the bike lane, carry your bike up to your apartment. Park your commuter tool in your cubicle. Whatever. These bikes have a 20 mile range on the main battery. Double that with an add-on secondary battery. They cruise without pedaling at 20MPH (the legal limit for a motorized bicycle) and you can boost that up a few with pedal power. Riding an A2B is like riding a light weight moped but you can ac

Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter Exhaust

Akrapovic Titanium Akrapovic's new slip-on exhaust for the Ducati Streetfighter is now in stock! A truly beautiful exhaust paired to a very beautiful motorcycle. The new Akrapovic system features twin hexagonal shaped mufflers with titanium or carbon fiber muffler sleeve. Additionally, the Ducati Streetfighter puts out a powerful racing sound with this system. You will also save up to 3.45 kg compared to the stock Ducati exhaust system. In both configurations, mufflers include removable noise dampers. The Akrapovic SLIP-ON open system greatly increases the potential of the big twin cylinder engine. Both power and torque are increased over the entire rpm range, with the greatest increase shown in the middle and top of the range. We measured 147.79 HP at 9929 rpm, while the max. increased power of 4.95 HP was measured at 9850 rpm. That results in a much smoother ride as the biggest gain of power starts from 4500 rpm. We also received more stock of the extremely rare and equally expe

Alpinestars SG-1 Leather Suits

Recessions are great if you still have any money and want to buy things. Everything just gets cheaper! Like this great one or two piece leather suit made by Alpinestars. Motostrano is selling the venerable Alpinestars SG-1 One Piece Leather Suit for just $385.95! You can also get the two piece version for the same price. These are flying out of here so grab one while you can. The Alpinestars SG-1 One Piece Leather Suit features 1.2-1.4mm full-grain leather for excellent abrasion resistance. CE certified elbow, shoulder, knee and shin protectors. Multiple stitched main-seam construction for maximum tear resistance. Perforated leather panels for ventilation. Removable mesh liner. Replaceable PU Sport knee sliders. Ergonomically placed stretch cordura panels for optimal flexibility. Padded back panel for added comfort. Leather flex zones for optimum mobility. Printed and microinjected logos. Zipper wrist closure. Secure snap connection system on the back for Tech Race protector (accesso

Arrow Aprilia SXV Exhaust

We are importing this new exhaust from ARROW for the Aprilia SXV 4.5 and 5.5 . We hope to get get some better photos soon as well.

Alpinestars BIONIC NECK Support SB

New for 2010, Alpinestars has put out a budget neck support retailing for just $289.95 The Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support (BNS) is a structure which is 
designed to work with a helmet to reduce the risk and severity of a 
catastrophic neck injury.* Rear Stabilizer Failure system - In the event of large loads being 
channeled onto the rear stabilizer there are several deliberate bending and fracture points. * Collar Bone preservation 1 - All parts in contact with the body use an expanded foam compound to distribute the impact force over the widest area, yet remain light in weight. * Collar Bone preservation 2 - A continuous frame member runs over the shoulders. There are no weak points in a critical part of the frame and there are no metal pins or screws sitting directly above the shoulders. * Choice of Strap Systems - The BNS is supplied with the X-Strap System which allows a small, light strap to secure the device to the rider.

Motostrano Supermoto Conversion Kits

Motostrano Supermoto Conversion kits are the easiest way to transform your bike to supermoto duty. Update has been loaded up with fresh deals this week. 20-30% savings on helmets, jackets, boots, gloves. Close-out and clearance items reduced for the fall season!

Motostrano Gets Rave Customer Ratings!

For the seventh straight year, Motostrano has received rave reviews from customers all over the world! We thank our customers for submitting those reviews to Yahoo, Yelp and Google and where ever else they come from. But, before you go off thinking we just like to toot our own horn about how great and perfect we are - we're not perfect and we have the battle scars to prove it. Like any one else, we make mistakes. We're human, just like you are. We're not always the fastest, we're not always the cheapest, we don't always have it in stock all the time, we're not always accurate in what we put in a box, etc. Sometimes, we can't even even fix a mistake after the fact, as hard as we try. But we do try and at the end of the day, that's really all we can do. So, with that in mind, it's re-assuring for every one at Motostrano to see the statistics and look at reviews from actual customers talking about orders after the fact and using specific criteria. Our B

Alpinestars Clearance Sale

Our yearly Alpinestars fall clearance sale is going on now. We have reduced prices on a number of top Alpinestars leather and textile products including two leather suit models, a number of leather and textile jackets and leather and textile gloves. While supplies last, you can pick up a one or two piece leather road race suit for just $389.95. Other deals include leather jackets selling for $250, leather and waterproof gloves selling for 40% off. Note- inventory goes fast at these prices. Prices are subject to availability.

NEW: Alpinestars Supertech Touring Boots

The Alpinestars Supertech Touring Gore-Tex boot was released this fall and it's really not until you see the boot in person and try it on that you come to grasp what a great boot this is. Yes, it's expensive at $459.95 and rightly so, because you just can't buy a better boot for touring and wet weather sport bike riding. A game changer in the touring waterproof boot arena. Imagine taking characteristics from Alpinestars' top of the line road racing boot, the Supertech R , with characteristics of the best touring boot you can find and feeding them into a super computer cad machine, twist the dial a little, turn up the quality levels a lot, and see what it makes. The Supertech Touring Boot is the best waterproof sport bike boot we've ever seen. Period- and the photos and descriptions you're looking at online right now simply do not due it justice. Made from full grain leather with a waterproof Gore-Tex® membrane for all weather riding, the Supertech Touring Gor

Yoshimura DRZ400 Parts

Yoshimura has put out a slew of DRZ400 parts for the supermotarder. Starting with the Yoshimura Suzuki DRZ400 Case Savers , Yoshimura has created a two part billet kit for protecting your DRZ400's engine cases. These bolt directly to your case using stock hardware. They are anodized in a kind of bronze color. Next, Yoshimura now offers a Suzukii DRZ400 Engine Plug kit consisting of one large and one small engine plug for your DRZ400. Both are anodized in the same bronze type color. The Yoshimura Suzuki DRZ400 Axle Blocks are also a new addition to the Yoshimura hard parts line-up. Again anodized in the bronze coloring, these are billet aluminum blocks. A new DRZ400 Steering Stem Nut , billet aluminum and anodized. Last on the list so far is the new Yoshimura Suzuki DRZ400 Fender Eliminator . Nevermind that supermoto guys traditionally don't buy fender eliminators, but this kit is actually a short license plate holder and features an LED tail light. All of these parts are of a

The Collectible AGV Rossi Face Helmet

All the good sizes in this helmet are gone, if you intend to wear the helmet. Still, MotoGP and Valentino Rossi enthusiasts from all over the world are contacting us to buy and collect this helmet. Buy it, own it, get it signed, keep it on a shelf or in the box fresh and new, the AGV Rossi Face Helmet is a very collectible helmet and still available in size 3XL! Motostrano has been selling these highly collectible AGV Helmets for the past five years.

Akrapovic Exhaust Product Line

ON ROAD Bolt-On Line The Akrapovic Bolt-on line represents the first step in exhaust system tuning, which is parallel to our Slip-on line. It replaces a stock muffler that is bolted to the header assembly. With the Bolt-on system you will get more power, more torque and less weight, which all reflects in a smoother ride and is the best compromise between price and performance. A carbon fiber outer muffler sleeve is also available The muffler clamp is made from carbon fiber; the metal clamp that is welded to the muffler can in some cases replace our regular carbon fiber clamp Repair kits are available for all models Some models are available in a homologated street legal version A muffler insert to reduce noise is optional Slip-On Line The Akrapovic Slip-on line represents the first step in exhaust system tuning. It is simple to install and replaces a stock muffler. It is also the best compromise between price and performance. With our Slip-on system you will get more power, more torque

Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter Exhaust

Akrapovic has released a brand new exhaust system for one of the sexiest motorcycles currently available. The Ducati Streetfighter is an exotic beauty. Now Akrapovic has made it possible to upgrade the performance and sound of this amazing motorcycle. The new Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter exhaust offers a great balance between price and performance, and represents the first step in the exhaust system tuning process. In addition to performance, the twin hexagonal shaped mufflers with titanium or carbon fiber muffler sleeve adds a clean racing look. Additionally, the Ducati will put out a much more powerful racing sound. You will also save up to 3.45 kg compared to the stock Ducati exhaust system. In both configurations, mufflers include removable noise dampers. Akrapovic says "The Akrapovic SLIP-ON open system greatly increases the potential of the big twin cylinder engine. Both power and torque are increased over the entire rpm range, with the greatest increase shown in the mid

Huge Akrapovic Exhaust sale

Motostrano is having a huge Akrapovic Exhaust sale featuring discounts up to 60% on some Akrapovic full exhaust systems. On sale are both the Akra EVO and RACING LINE full exhaust systems, as well as some Akrapovic slip-on exhausts . Exhausts that only a few months ago sold for $1800 are now available for less than $900! A great deal if you have 2004 to 2006 Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki sportbikes. Some Ducati exhaust systems are also on sale.

Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boot

A Sharp Boot High quality boots that fit well, don't make you feel like your wearing cement galoshes, and offer good protection and feel on your bike are becoming harder and harder to find. As the economy batters corporate bottom lines, more and more manufacturers of motorcycle protective boots are either narrowing their product range, or trying to charge the same price for the better products they once made while stripping out the stuff that made them good in the first place. When it comes to boots, Alpinestars appears to be going in the opposite direction. Over the past year, we've seen Astars come out with better and better boot products in all categories and, while their retail prices may be rising to compensate for fewer sales and increased costs, some excellent footwear products come into being. One boot well worth a look, if you ride in the street, is the new Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boot . This is a higher end waterproof commuter / touring boot wit

Fuel on the Fear Fire

The recent American Motorcyclist Association alert regarding healthcare reform sparked a heated debate over at Hell For Leather recently that is worth checking out. I managed to assemble and post a respectable comment on the topic as well: "I wrote about the AMA warning in my own blog and was amazed to hear that the largest organization in the country for motorcyclists rights won't take a stand on the issue of healthcare one way or another, BUT, the AMA has no problem throwing more fuel on the fire of fear. The AMA needs to take a stand on this issue and stand behind motorcyclists who are constantly being denied health care coverage based on the fact that they ride a motorcycle and/or have have been to the ER room one too many times as a result of a crash either on the street or on the track. The AMA promotes, sanctions and sponsors professional and amateur racing, and rider safety, for American citizens that cannot afford to have comprehensive insurance. We all know of profe

5 New Alpinestars Backpacks

Bag It Alpinestars has put out five new backpacks that we think are worth a look. Alpinestars has rarely been one to skimp on their bags and backpacks and these new items follow in that same tried and true path so , hopefully you haven't all ready bought that back-to-school bag! The Alpinestars Protection Pack is a Swiss army knife of a bag, integrating back protection, generous storage and a helmet carrier into one tight package. The Alpinestars Range Pack is big and holds tons of stuff, plus a helmet. The Alpinestars Deploy Pack is a standard size back pack focused on laptop storage. The Alpinestars Commuter Pack reminds me of the tight and compact bags Bear Grylls uses in Man vs. Wild. The Alpinestars Hydro Pack is a comfortable, non-intrusive water carrier ergonomically designed to offer a close, low profile fit on the rider. Please also check our TwoWheelSteals web site for super blow out bargains.

AMA Doesn't Take a Stand on Health Care Reform

AMA's comments on Health Care reform skirt around the important issues and do not take a stand for motorcyclists. If all Americans were guaranteed health care, motorcyclists would not be left out to dry as they are now by private health insurance companies who have the right to dump eligible high-risk insurance customers as they like. Motorcyclists are being denied insurance NOW without a universal care option because motorcyclists are too expensive to insure in a private system. We all know people who have been denied insurance even through their employer's health insurance program based on the fact that they've been to the emergency room one too many times as a result from riding motocross, racing, track days or just plain commuting. Every one knows you can't actually TELL your insurance company you ride, let alone race, a motorcycle or engage in any form of risky and entirely legal behavior- even when their questionnaire specifically asks you if you do - or they'

Cush Drives and Supermoto Wheels

Over the years we have fielded many calls and questions about cush drives and whether they are required for supermoto duty. Some call them "puss drives", others believe that having one is a requirement for any motorcycle and without one your rear shock could break off and ram up the back of your motor and continue on upwards. Others are just plain skeptical and don't know what to believe. Still others could not give a hoot what they are or why you'd need one. Cush drives are rubber dampening cushions that typically line where your wheel hub bolts to your sprocket. The idea is that adding a rubber bushing in between these two metal contact points will relieve stress torque on your parts. Large 600CC, 1000CC and 1200CC bikes almost always feature a cush drive in order to help the bike manage the heavy loads the rear drive train must endure under heavy power torque. Small sub-600 motorcycles rarely feature a cush drive, with the exception of factory KTM hubs in the 450,

Alpinestars Fall 2009 Addition Products

Alpinestars has released a number of intriguing products for fall 2009 and we are liking them. The theme of many of the new stuff seems to be one of product fusion. It's almost as if the product designers and creative department took a chunk of existing but widely different products, through them in a bag and shook them up, to see what would come out of the mix. Take a casual hoody out of the fridge, add one waterproof motorcycle jacket and shake: enjoy your refreshing Northshore Tech Fleece smoothie. Grab a full blown race boot off the shelf, add one quart of waterproof touring boot, stir, add one or two large olives and take a sip of a stiff Supertech Touring Boot martini. We have some of the choice products up on our home page now. The rest is neatly categorized in our Alpinestars section . Please also check our TwoWheelSteals web site for super blow out bargains.

Alpinestars Monza Suit

I really hope the new Alpinestars Monza Leather Suit takes off. I really do. Alpinestars is one of the few suit manufacturers with the catalog width to offer real variety in their one and two piece leather suits and make them in colors outside the standard Black, Red and Blue colors. To offer a suit with Red, White and Green is bold. Only a few years ago Astars was making suits in all yellow and all green. That quickly went by the wayside and for the past 3 or 4 years your only color options have been black, red, blue and possibly white. Blah, blah, blah.

Alpinestars Fall 2009 Addition Products

Alpinestars has released a number of new items for their Fall 2009 catalog and these are available for pre-order now on There are two "big news" products as far as I can see so far, having just seen the new line up a few hours ago. Each of them are at opposite ends of the intended customer spectrum, as well as the price guage. The first is a waterproof leather jacket and pants outfit. The Alpinestars 365 Gore-Tex Leather Jacket is a 100% waterproof leather jacket that's perforated and an engineering marvel. Or is it? I mean cows are waterproof, why shouldn't their hide be waterproof as Mother Nature intended it to be? In any event, special leather treating has made the hide waterproof and there are matching Alpinestars 365 Leather Pants as well, to go along with the Alpinestars 365 Leather Gloves that were released last Winter. Combine all three with some waterproof leather boots to be fully protected, dry and comfortable all at the same time. Jacket

Give your bike a little more vision

“People only see what they are prepared to see.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Daylight savings is still a few months away, but if you're like me, you remember that the days get shorter and darker for a few months each don't get left out in the dark.... But you may not remember that Motostrano sells 22 different types of bolt on headlights for your supermoto, off-road or streetfighter conversion. Swapping out your headlight is an easy mod for your bike that's also comparatively an inexpensive way to change the look of your motorcycle while improving night-riding vision and visibility. We have parts that increase the alien look of your bike, such as the Acerbis Vision , Black Mamba or Cyclops and we have lights that double and triple night riding visibility like the Trail Tech Torch and Extreme Race Light . Each product comes in a wide variety of colors to match your bike. Most of these lights are priced below $100, making them an easy upgrade f

ICON 2009 Products

ICON's fascination with militarism, monsters and cartoon women seems never ending. If you were over that already, too bad, because a whole new stream of products and their corresponding horror imagery have been unleashed to the world so that you can fulfill your MadMax end-of-the-world fantasies in brand new leather, textile, denim and Fiberglass. But first, when the end of the civilized world does happen, the roads are going to be the first thing to go, which means that as a motorcycle rider you're going to spend more time crashing as you negotiate craters and ordnance. So, ICON has released what appears to be a pretty good CE approved back protector to catch your fall. And this thing is for sale at an "end of the world" price, at just $90 for the plane vanilla version or a little more for the fancy style . Check out the whole line-up here. Please also check our TwoWheelSteals web site for super blow out bargains.

ICON Stryker Back Protector

ICON has released what looks to be a real back protector. The ICON Stryker Back Protector starts with a custom molded bio-foam chassis. Designed to mold to your back, air channels within the foam allow heat to escape resulting in reduced fatigue. Secured to the chassis are three layers of impact absorbing foam which are capped by an articulated reinforced plastic shell. The reinforced shell helps diffuse impact forces. In addition, the shoulder and waist straps are removable providing you with the option of installing the back protector into certain Icon jackets. EN 161-2/03/AC2006 Ce approval Removable shoulder and waist straps allows armor to be directly inserted into certain Icon jackets Custom armor plate finishing Comfortable and non-restrictive Custom molded biofoam chassis Imported Available for $90 at

Supermoto Clothing

Supermoto Clothing Motostrano's "deal a day" web site, has been updated with deals on supermoto clothing, parts and accessories. Most recently we updated 2009 and 2008 Troy Lee Designs clearance supermoto pants at a deep discount. Save 30 and 40% off retail for these and other items at twowheelsteals. You'll also find discounted helmets, gloves, bike parts, sprockets, brake rotors and more. Also check out our Outlet store where we devote more close-out items categorized by item type. X-Games 2009 is this weekend! Follow Motostrano on Twitter.

MVD Racewear - Supermoto Race Clothing

Motostrano is now taking pre-orders for the new MVD Racewear due for release in the USA next month. MVD Racewear is the product of Dutch and European Supermoto Champion Marcel van Drunen. Each item is designed specifically for supermoto racing, using the latest production techniques and highest quality materials. MVD Racewear is designed for protection, comfort and light weight. All seams are double stitched for extra safety. Designed for less weight, combined MVD Racewear gear weighs half the weight of a normal 1 piece leather suit. MVD offers a perforated leather upper body protector with integrated back protector, shoulder and elbow armor; a perforated leather racing pant; a short leather supermoto glove; and a matching poly synthetic jersey. MVDRacewear , the Netherlands Available at

Official Motostrano X Games Graphics

KLR 650 R Army Bikes in Action in Afghanistan

Some customer shots from some army guys stationed in Afghanistan. These guys stocked up on some Wolfman luggage for a trip they are planning from Afghanistan to Bosnia Herzegovina. Sounds like a blast!