Supermoto Race Bike Prep Check List

Setting up your supermoto bike for track duty is really very similar to the requirements in road racing. Safety wire everything. Set-up sliders for as much as you can and have some specific tools on hand designed to keep you and others up-right and safe on the track. Here's a simple check list of stuff you'll need or want to take your bike to any track.

1. Safety Wire - your bike will need its most critical bolts and covers safety wired. Always have a full roll of this stuff on hand. You'll be the most popular guy in the pits with it.
2. Safety Wire Pliers - it's no fun safety wiring a bike without this tool.
4. Carb Catch Can - keeps the fluids that flow out of your carb funneled into one container. Check it and empty it often.
5. Footpeg Sliders - primarily to protect the track itself, but they are also cheaper than buying new footpegs.
6. Axle Sliders - protects both the track and the bolts on your bike from being ground down.
7. Handguards and or Bar Sliders - there are are supermoto specific handguards available with replaceable sliders. Handguards don't as much protect your hands as they do the lever and master cylinder components of your bike. Bar end sliders protect your bars and the track.
8. Tire Warmers just a nice thing to have. Pricey, but cold tires suck.
9. Mocool - like the 'water wetter' stuff but by Motul. Less slippery than coolant, in case you crack your radiators.
10. Tire Groover - if the track you'll be on has any dirt, some grooves on those slicks are a bonus.


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