Give it all you got! Supermoto DVD

A new supermoto DVD is about to hit living rooms all across the nation. Available now for pre order at Give it all you got! Introducing the first-ever season review DVD for the XTRM AMA Supermoto Championship. For six rounds, pro racers from the United States and across the country fought to become the best in their class within the unique sport of supermoto. Riding specialized motocross bikes with slick tires and large front brakes, these athletes compete on both asphalt and dirt. Not only will you see the intense racing action from all six rounds of the 2008 series, you'll also get to meet the athletes, here more about supermoto from heroes like Carey Hart and Doug Henry, and learn about the technology through "Tech Talk" with team personnel. This DVD is a must-have for any sports junkie!


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