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2009 Suomy Helmets Now Available

Italian helmet manufacturer Suomy , known for their wild graphics and high end race helmets, has released a number of new helmet models for 2009. Many are already available for sale. Suomy makes one of the lightest helmets on the market. Very comfortable, in line with the highest standards of helmet making and certainly producers of the coolest graphics on the planet. Our favorite among them is the new Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Capirossi . Super bold, European color racing graphics. Most folks will say "I'm not fast enough" to wear this, just as we hear with the AGV Rossi limited helmets . We poopoo that and think that extreme race inspired and replica graphics are great. Our second favorite would have to be the Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Hodgson Helmet , particularly the right side view. From the description: "Suomy's new Spec-1R Extreme sets a new standard. In addition to the above standard Spec-1R features, the Extreme offers remarkable technological advancements that

Motostrano Voted Top 5 Motorcycle Shop in San Francisco Bay Area

Motostrano Voted Top 5 Motorcycle Shop in San Francisco Bay Area Motostrano was recently ranked as one of the Top 5 motorcycle shops in the Bay Area by The ranking was based on independent voting done at, the top news web site for the SF Bay area, owned by the SF Chronicle, the Bay Area's largest daily newspaper. Motostrano tied for 4th place! See the article here . Thanks to any one who participated in this vote! It means a lot, as there are hundreds of motorcycle shops in this very heavy populated motorcycle riding area. It means we scored better than most of the largest brick n mortar motorcycle dealerships, as well as all the local online companies. Thanks!

Used Motorcycle Selling Tips

It's no secret that there's a lot of used bikes for sale out there right now. When the economy dips, it's always going to be time to "thin the herd" as they say. In some cases it may be time to butcher the whole pack and start afresh in the future. Over the course of my own short life, I've sold ohh I'd have to say 50 or so used motorcycles of all types. Street, Vintage, Racebike, Off-Road, Exotic. Here's some used bike selling tips from an insider's perspective. The first thing I always tell people is to re-install any OEM stuff you still have for the bike. Get rid of all the aftermarket goodies you had on it and hide them in your garage. If you're like me, you can't leave anything well enough alone when it comes to motorcycles and so you've invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in aftermarket stuff. Exhaust, billet stuff, levers, seats, whatever. You need to remove all that and put back on all the heavy, ugly stock stuff that you

Give it all you got! Supermoto DVD

A new supermoto DVD is about to hit living rooms all across the nation. Available now for pre order at Give it all you got ! Introducing the first-ever season review DVD for the XTRM AMA Supermoto Championship. For six rounds, pro racers from the United States and across the country fought to become the best in their class within the unique sport of supermoto. Riding specialized motocross bikes with slick tires and large front brakes, these athletes compete on both asphalt and dirt. Not only will you see the intense racing action from all six rounds of the 2008 series, you'll also get to meet the athletes, here more about supermoto from heroes like Carey Hart and Doug Henry, and learn about the technology through "Tech Talk" with team personnel. This DVD is a must-have for any sports junkie!

Supermoto Race Bike Prep Check List

Setting up your supermoto bike for track duty is really very similar to the requirements in road racing. Safety wire everything. Set-up sliders for as much as you can and have some specific tools on hand designed to keep you and others up-right and safe on the track. Here's a simple check list of stuff you'll need or want to take your bike to any track. 1. Safety Wire - your bike will need its most critical bolts and covers safety wired. Always have a full roll of this stuff on hand. You'll be the most popular guy in the pits with it. 2. Safety Wire Pliers - it's no fun safety wiring a bike without this tool. 4. Carb Catch Can - keeps the fluids that flow out of your carb funneled into one container. Check it and empty it often. 5. Footpeg Sliders - primarily to protect the track itself, but they are also cheaper than buying new footpegs. 6. Axle Sliders - protects both the track and the bolts on your bike from being ground down. 7. Handguards and or Bar Sliders - t

AGV Rossi's Face Limited Helmet

Previews of the 2009 AGV Rossi's FACE helmet are available. We think this helmet will be priced the same as the current 2008 ROSSI Dream Helmet , $749.00. Same shell model. Expect this to come out in the USA just before or at MOTOGP Laguna seca.

Motostrano in RacerX Mag

We're a rinky dink little shop. As such, we get a little tickled pink any time we see our name in lights. Check out Volume 12 number 1 of the new Jan 09 Racer X Illustrated. Page 237 has an excellent article covering the 2008 supermoto racing season and includes some shots of Motostrano branded racers.

Motostrano Open House Dec. 20, Saturday

Motostrano's yearly Open House will be Saturday December 20th, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at our location in Redwood City, California. Great if you're a last minute gift buyer, like me. Come to the event that folks come to from all over the State for great discounts, holiday cheer, sip some hot cider and a check out a great selection of riding gear from Alpinestars, SIDI, SUOMY, TPRO, AGV, Scorpion and more. This year our Open House is on the same weekend as the San Mateo Motorcycle show (Saturday December 20, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) making it a no-brainer to take in the show and stop by our store for great deals or just to feel up our mannequin. Motostrano is located just 10 minutes south of the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo. You remembered to carve time for the Motorcycle show this year, right? ** Plus, we'll be giving away discount passes to the Motorcycle Show while supplies last. Come to our open house, get discount passes to the Moto show. We'll run ou