2009 Acerbis Streetfighter Supermoto Parts

2009 products are beginning to trickle down to our parts desk as we speak and it looks like it will be a good year for the alien bike. You might guess, we get a little giddy when cool new parts come out that are better than the old stuff. Acerbis- one of our favorite companies in the aftermarket parts arena, has given us preview and pre-order permissions on some killer items for the naked street bike beast and burly motard.

First up, one of the most out-of-this-world headlight kits we've seen in a while, for less than $150. The Acerbis Vision Headlight looks like the head of an alien made from non-earthly metals. It looks like it should shoot blue metal-piercing lazer beams from each bulb. It comes in six colors and will look mean on any motard. Use it as a tail light too and scare your fellow commuters coming and going.

Next, Acerbis has produced a handguard set-up for street bikes, sport bikes and road going motards. They look slick. Minimalist design. They even feature an optional LED light kit that can be hooked up to turn signals. The Acerbis Dual Road handguards, a morphing of off-road ideas for road duty. They look cool and will be particularly useful to hooligan lane-splitters, bashing through car side view mirrors in a traffic jam near you. Now, now, share the road.

And again for the motardist, Acerbis has come out with a race handguard system that seems to follow the path of Cycra's triple clamp mount set-up. The Acerbis RAM Handguards. Aluminum reinforcements, slim plastic shields and a triple clamp mount option.

We'll keep you posted as more cool new parts come across our desk for 2009. Of course, we've also been busy dumping more and more clearance and close-out stuff in our two wheel parts clearance extravaganza web site, TwoWheelSteals.com.


Anonymous said…
That is an awesome headlight!
Anonymous said…
When is the headlight going to in stock?
motostrano said…
We expect to see this in stock by the end of the month. Pre order today!

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