Suomy Helmets at La Ducati Day

Motostrano participated in the La Ducati Day festivities in La Honda, California. La Honda, home to some of the best pavement for sportbikes in the world, former home to Keasy and his Merry Pranksters.

Each year, La Ducati Day takes place as a fall event. It's my favorite motorcycling event, have to say.

Motostrano appeard at La Ducati Day this year representing the full line of Suomy helmets in partnership with Suomy themselves. Two 10x10 booths pumped the Suomy's out into the atmosphere for all to see. Vandals, Spec1Rs, Extremes. Helmets for the 2008 and 2009 catalogs.

"Great response. Great interest in this high end helmet," said Motostrano's Joe Witherspoon.


Unknown said…
ciao joe -

we are always happy to have motostrano participate in la ducati day ... you are one of our long-time supporters.

grazie mille,

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