SIDI Streetburner Boots at

Short boots, perhaps like short skirts, have never been so popular. Virtually all moto boot makers have a vibrant line of short boots available to the street bike rider, commuter and around-towner. Alpinestars, ICON, Gaerne, Joe Rocket, Shift, all have a lot of short riding boots to choose from.

Among the boots we like most there is the SIDI Streetburner boot. A short boot with an obvious racing pedigree. Like many of the more sport oriented shorter boots, the Streetburner looks like a standard tall booth that's been chopped down.

Sidi says: "SIDI Streetburner Boots! Sidi, continuously researching new technological solutions to enhance rider safety, is proud to present the Streetburner boot. With Sidi's great style, feel, support and quality there are no finer performance off road boots in the world."

The Streetburner looks like a low Vertigo. It has many of the adjustment and replacement features of the Vertigos with a low cut design. There's the external ankle brace system and the "Tecno-II" buckle system for adjustability.
The Burner also has bolt on replaceable, adjustable and aerodynamic nylon scuff pads on the toe as well as a removable arch support.

The Streetburner is intended for street duty. It's a good commuting boot for the sport bike rider, a boot you can take on a leisure/sport weekend ride. Like all shorter boots, the burner has less true ankle support and no shin support.

Worthy competitors to the Steetburner worth looking at are the Alpinestars SMX-2 Boots and the Gaerne Jet Boot.

The SIDI Street Burner, is available at


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