New Supermoto Kit From Motostrano

Motostrano has created a new supermoto kit for budget Supermoto riders. The "Bare Bones Supermoto Kit" is for street and occasional track day supermoto riders. The kit uses the Warp9 Supermoto wheels and accompanying brake and sprocket parts along with some AVON distanzia tires and a supermoto fender. For the rider on a budget.

Other kits utilize the popular Excel/Talon Supermoto wheels, or the performance oriented Marchesini Supermoto Wheels.

Motostrano now offers 9 kinds of complete supermoto conversion kits for all types of rider abilities and focuses. Kits are offered for virtually every common supermoto bike for racing and street.

Supermoto conversion kits allow riders to easily convert their moto-crosser into a full blown asphault going Supermoto bike with wheels, street tires, brakes, plastic parts and more. Each Motostrano kit is custom tailored for specific rider needs and a direct bolt on for all bike applications.

View Motostrano's complete Supermoto Conversion Kit line-up.


Anonymous said…
What type of supermoto tires would you recommend for winter use? I commute on my 690 SMC and it's getting pretty cold. The stock dragon corsas probably aren't the best choice. I was thinking of some distanzias or maybe some MT-60s. Anything more aggressive treadwise?

I am in Boston. My commute this morning was about 38 degrees. Not too bad but I probably should swap out tires quickly.
Anonymous said…

Our favorite supermoto tires for most bike applications with tires in 160 range on the rear are the Continental Supermoto Tires. Hard, if not impossible, to find a 100% street tire for supermoto that will perform as good as this tire. We typically only recommend the Distanzia if you in fact plan on using it's off-road leaning tread on some fire or country roads. It doesn't do as well on the pavement as the CONTI SM.

Anonymous said…
if you prefer the Continental Supermoto Tires why offer the Avon tires with this kit if both tires are priced about the same?
motostrano said…
Continental is a very unknown brand. 9 times out 10, customers don't ask for Continental and want an Avon, even though the Contiforce is by far the better tire. Because we like to sell what people actually want to buy, we offer a kit or two with Avons to satisfy that demand. It's not easy converting customers away from a more known brand like Avon vs. Continental and in fact, it only works half of the time.
PAME said…
do you have any supermoto conversion kit for yamaha xt225?

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