New Street-Sport Conversion Kit from Motostrano

Motostrano has pieced together a special kit intended for off-road and dual-sport bike conversions from off-road to road-going street legal bikes. The new SM Factory Street-Sport Conversion Kit contains many of the required parts some states require for legalizing an off-road motorcycle for road duty. Laws and requirements vary from State to State, so check your local motor vehicle offices for your specific State's rules.

The nice part about our kit is that it uses some high end headlight and tail light parts from Acerbis, a leading maker of aftermarket plastics and headlights, making the kit both functional and aesthetically appealing. Priced at $459, the kit includes

* Acerbis Dimension Universal Headlight, DOT Approved
* Acerbis LED Universal Brake Tail Light, DOT Approved
* 4 Universal DOT Turn Signals, DOT Approved
* Universal Control switch with Signals, Headlight, Horn, On/Off
* Universal Wiring Harness
* Front and rear brake light switches
* Universal Horn mechanism
* Pair of Acerbis off-road mirrors.
* Reflective Strip Kit (RED)
* Relay Flasher

Available at


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