Acerbis Plastic

MX plastic, Supermoto plastics. Acerbis (pronounced acherbis) dominates the scene. Acerbis produces a complete range of plastics for virtually all makes and models of off-road machine from the big four and most of the european brands.

Fenders, Shrouds, number plates. Chain sliders, handguards, headlights.

There are four or five plastics companies: Acerbis, UFO, Cycra, Polisport, Meier. Acerbis dominates, coming out with the most variety, latest models first. Quality plastic that lasts.

Acerbis makes two kinds of Supermoto fenders, some Supermoto handguards and a full range of special parts.

The sportbike guys should be so lucky to have the ability to redo their body work for $150 bones.


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