The Supermoto Itch

As you might guess, speaking with "the public" day in and day out, that cranky, paranoid, talkative and sometimes enlightening gang, you end up talking with a colorful bunch by the end of the day. Yesterday, was no exception. I picked up the phone and the conversation went something like this:

Me: deep in thought about what a dumb shit Sarah Palin sounded like in that Couric interview, then the phone rings "...Strano, Can I help you?"
Patron: "Yea, is this Motostrano?"
Me: "Indeed it is is Sir, to whom am I speaking with and how can I help">
Patron: "Oh man. Motostrano. Listen up. My buddies said I needed to call you see."
Me: "Great, what's on your mind?"
Patron: "Check it out, see. Yesterday, me and my homies were down at our local track you know. Me and my buddies, we all ride big bikes you know, R1, Gixxer, RC51. Anyway, me and my boys we're having fun down at the track you know and all of the sudden we see this guy, this little kid, know, and he shows up with this little 250 little dirt bike, you know. And we're lookin at him like "what's up little man?", you know. Anyway, my homies and me... we're all in our leathers and got our liter bikes and we go out for a few laps, you know and we think we're not going to see much of little supermoto man, you know. but, sure enough, little motard midget guy shows up and starts playing with us you know and before you know it, little motard man is passin us. but this guy just ain't passin us. he's PASSIN all of us. He's PASSIN us in the turns, he's PASSIN us in the straight aways, he's PASSIN us in the esses. We all basically got our asses handed to us that day by a little 250 supermoto and we was all pissed off.

So, I get online and i start digging in you know. I'm at Supermotojunkie and I'm checking shit out, you know. They all said to call you up and find out. Anyways, sure enough. I bring my bike today down to my local dealer. It's for sale man. That thing is for sale and I'm gettin a supermoto. Thing is I ain't no dirt guy, i'm a street guy, road race guy. I like the twisties, I live for the turns, you know. I need power, speed. What do I get dude? What should I do? My dealer where I'm selling my bike says I should check out the Suzuki. That guy's not my usual guy you know, he left the dealership you know, so my boy ain't there and he's telling me about this DRZ and it's looking to me like it's a little soft, you know?"

I, of course, steer the guy in the right direction and hope to hear about the street legal CRF450 that he stumbles on some day. The conversation left me in stitches, even though I've heard it a few times before. This one had grace, elegance. A great call for sure.


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