Supermoto coming to Laguna Seca

The SupermotoUSA series is joining the Corona AMA Superbike Finale weekend Sept. 27-28 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Originally developed during the late 70's for ABC's Wide World of Sports, Supermoto was a way to familiarize Americans with motorcycle racing.

Supermoto is a fusion of dirt track racing, motocross and road racing.

The SupermotoUSA racecourse will be a mix of asphalt and dirt, incorporating both left and right hand turns and jumps. The rules are kept simple, as are the classes.

The weekend includes the 2nd Annual Supermoto USA women's only races, featuring the Fast Girls Invitational.

Race tickets are available for the Corona AMA Superbike Finale Race by calling (800) 327-7322;

Source: The Californian


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