Matt Barber Supermoto Race Update: race update 8/30-31

This was my first weekend as an amateur and I won the first race of my weekend on Saturday in the lite-weight sportsmen division. I was very surprised. The best I had hoped for was a top five, so to get the win was very exciting. Sunday proved to be a much faster and more competitive race day with the strongest competition coming from my pit partner and neighbor who is consistently a front runner. I finished the day with a hard fought 3rd in the super-singles class and a 4th in the motard race. Thanks to all my sponsors. Cyclewise for the help with the power plant. AXO for all the cool gear and banners that make my pit area and me look like a pro rider. DVC graphics for the cool new number plates. Amsoil lubricants, RK chain, and Excel rims for making it go to the front. N-SAYN motorsports and Motostrano for all the advise and help a first year racer could ask for. Thanks everyone and look for one more update at the season finally on the 27-28 of September.


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