Supermoto Conversion Kits are Great

Motostrano has been suppling parts for and building supermoto bikes for a little over six years. Over the years, sourcing the parts, fitting the parts and doing the R&D for what works best for the road or the track has required constant feedback from customers and racers.

Supermoto, for better or worse, still lives in a realm very akin to custom bike building. It's not usually a matter of fabrication, as you have in the chopper world, but it does relate in as far as creating the perfect supermoto bike, keeping track of what parts fit what model bikes and knowing what parts work best with what bikes.

Due to the relative simplicity of the bikes themselves, most folks are able to do their conversion work at home as part of a DIY project.

Motostrano's supermoto conversion kits have evolved over the years to really represent the best long term value for your supermoto dollar. We look at things like year round availability of parts, of replacement parts, of part longevity, overall performance, cost and ease of installation. We try to supply our kits with all required parts and mounting hardware, but even in our kits, end users are still required to supply occasional bolts and shims required for a perfect conversion.

Our kits include wheels that have a longer life span than other less expensive wheels on the market. They are absolutely not the "cheapest out there". The Excel/Talon wheel combo is the defacto leader in Supermoto street or race. Yes, there are other less expensive options out there and we will flat out tell you that you are wasting your money with them. We think you're better off spending a few hundred dollars more for your parts than to have to simply buy whole new parts in short amount of time. Simple elementary school math can be used to calculate the better path there.

Motostrano's kits are usually priced as a bundled value that is less expensive than buying the kit parts separately. Further, we've found that our kit parts simply work well together. You'll see hundreds of bikes on the road or the track who've taken advantage of our kits. Many customers use our kit parts list as a starting point for a parts list that include many other parts.

Six years ago, riders and racers used to have to scrape, dig and modify all kinds of stuff to convert a bike to supermoto. At the time, there were few options out there for brakes, tires or wheels. The sport has evolved a lot in a short amount of time.


Anonymous said…
i've outfitted 3 of my bikes with motostrano kits. great stuff. always fit. never a problem. parts are still going strong 3 years later!
Anonymous said…
hello, I have a KTM 520 sx 2002, I want it for motard, want to buy a conversion kit, the kits are ok for my bike....please let me know.

thanks a lot
motostrano said…
yes. they are great.

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