Places to Find on the web

In the age of "social media" it's good to know you can get in touch with your favorite motoshop in a variety of spots along the web. Some of them include:

The Motostrano Outlet Store offers a real-time view of products that are in stock and ready to ship. We don't have our entire store up there just yet, but it's a secondary place for you to shop.

Motostrano has a Facebook page where we update folks with news and info. is our 'ten deal a day site'

Yelp - is a place where you will see reviews from past customers, both good and bad. Some day, there will be the equivelent service for business to review customers.

Motostrano sponsors a few popular discussion forms. Our two favorites include the Bay Area Riders Forum and Supermotojunkie .

Motostrano has a MySpace Page, but honestly we don't update it much.

You buy Motostrano casuals at Zazzle


Anonymous said…
I love how you guys are so active in the community both online and off. Keep up th e good work!


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