ICON Mechanica Helmet

In our opinion, the coolest helmet to pop out of 2008 from any helmet maker so far has been the ICON Mechanica Helmet. An ICON Domain 2 helmet, this helmet is visually the most striking helmet we've seen in a long time. The stock photos of the helmet really don't do it justice. Seeing it in person, wearing it, is really a treat. The thing just stands out over other helmets. Visually on the rider, as well, the Mecanica is a treat. I saw one on the road a few days ago noted the contrast of scaly chrome on a black jacket looked pretty killer. The helmet retails for $410.00.

Based on the ICON Domain 2 helmet ICON Released last fall. This new graphic is called the Mechanica. The coolest new helmet graphic you'll see from any helmet company you'll see all year! ICON's lightest most technologically advanced helmet to date. The Mechanica graphic was conceived by Icon as an upgrade to the past "girl" graphics that have been such great sellers for Icon. The Damnation, Dixie Chick & Dragon Lady limited editions and the recent, very controversial Eternal Saint and Sinner models. The Mechanica graphic features an erotic, robotic woman on both sides with her metallic face on the back. Incredibly bad ass. And that better color to put her image on top of than a silver chrome shell? And top it all off with the helmet interior is printed like a circuit board. Everyone wants a helmet that looks great so, what better way to make a helmet look better than putting a chrome shield on a chrome helmet? Icon, at their charitable best, have included a free chrome reflective shield in the box with every Mechanica helmet.
The second coming of the Domain helmet features everything the original Domain has to offer--a light weight composite shell, multiple ram air ducts, fully removable comfort interior, and a fog free quick change shield--but goes one step further by including our new Proshield sytem. With a shield lock and sideplates, the Proshield is ready to keep you locked down and looking good.

* Fiberglass/Dyneema/Carbon fiber/Aramid composite shell
* DOT and SNELL M2005 approved (North America) ECE 22-05 approved (Europe)
* Prolock secure shield locking system (Domain 2)
* Dorsal vent for additional ram-air induction
* Large rear exhaust ports route hot air out of helmet
* Removable molded breath deflector reduces shield fogging
* Removable chin curtain seals out unwanted turbulence
* Unique bottom mounted chin air intake system
* Quick-change fog-free proshield with sideplates (Domain 2)
* Quick-change fog-free eye shield (Domain)


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