ICON Field Armor Vest

ICON Field Armor has been in production for a number of years now. In that time, we've sold hundreds, if not thousands of units of the ICON Field Armor Vest, the ICON Leg Armor and ICON Elbow Guards. Built entirely for street duty, for a certain crowd of riders, ICON Field Armor simply works and nothing else can really take its place.

The ICON Field Armor Vest is one a flagship item in the line that hasn't been updated really since it came out. For racers and track day addicts, the ICON vest may seem a little dainty for a product that claims to protect. And it IS. And that's really the point of the thing. The Field Armor Vest isn't trying to win any awards for most protective spine protector. I think, and many would agree, that it really is an alternative to something like a leather motorcycle vest. The Field Vest is a leather motorcycle vest made of synthetic materials and has some padding thrown in for good measure.


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