Alpinestars Body Armor

Alpinestars has been producing various types of under garment body armor for a number of years. Over the course of probably 10 years or so, the Alpinestars protection product fold has grown each year to where Alpinestars currently offers the most diverse and rounded offering of race and street body armor available to motorcyclists. I repeat, there is no other maker of body armor currently offering the variety of highly protective race or street body armor products as Alpinestars.

Alpinestars focus has always been on racing oriented products. This means that street riders, whether you be an every day rider or casual weekend rider, track day customer or racer will benefit from years of testing, as well as "trickle down" technology. Alpinestars armor is designed for high speed impact and long intervals of abrasion.

For back protection, Alpinestars currently has 3 race grade spine protectors available to consumers. The Alpinestars Race Back Protector is a slim fitting protector designed to snap into most Alpinestars Suits and some jackets. The back protector used is a CE approved unit made up of a Level 2 memory foam.

The Bionic Back Protector utilizes the same spine protection piece as the Race protector and features shoulder straps and a larger kidney belt.

Recently, Alpinestars released the Bionic Race Shield which essentially does 'all of the above' along with some added chest protection.


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