$55 Helmets

A helmet for the crippled economy. Or, A helmet for 30 Billion Quarterly Losses. Or, A helmet for a nation of whiners. Or, A helmet for a George Bush Nation.

We emailed you a few months ago about the solid color version of the Z1R ZRP-1 budget helmets.. You remember, the ones that were rated as the most safe by Motorcyclist magazine? Well, we're here again to tell you that we have the same top rated helmet, for the same low low price, now with some attractive graphical decorations at no extra charge thrown in just to cheer you up. The Z1R Strike Star Helmet is cheap, it's in stock and it's safe. And, if the Strike Star doesn't catch your fancy, know that you can also order up a current model helmet from Z1R and expect to pay just a little more. That's a lot of helmet, a lot of value! Little prices. Goes well with that 1972 Honda you rolled out of your garage to beat the high gas prices blues.

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