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2008 ICON Motorcycle Clothing Update

ICON Clothing has released their 2008 product catalog. We got a sneak peak of the stuff about a week ago, when ICON management picked us up by Limo, put us on a plane and flew our staff to South Korea, where much of the product is manufactured. After a very late night of karaoke, kimchee and OB beer at the hotel, we got down to business the next day to check out the product at a remote warehouse in the Korean countryside.

We do dug it then in Asia and we dig it now back in the States. The design chemists and social psychology artists at ICON know how to mix the perfect blend of violence, military themes, hard core sex and speed into a lifestyle clothing package that seems just right for our times. At least, it should remind us that we're not just a bunch of stuttering conservatives. Very American. Very Street. If only we Americans could live up to the imagery we create, instead of leaving it only to fantasy and movies.

From Page 2 of the 2008 ICON Fall Catalog: "Darkness has descend upon upon the urban sprawl. Cryptic text messages confirm the location- industrial, nondescript, and pork free. Lit by the surreal arc of H7 bulbs, they engage in choreographed mechanical violence. Balance points and body english are the native language of these lands. Here the laws of polite society are ignored, replaced only by the painful laws of physics. The curtain opens to a choking cloud of rubber infused smoke. Gyroscoping wheels arc ballistic trajectories across the tarmac slab. Tortured rotors endure the hydraulic embrace of rapidly withering brake pads. Ruptured fork seals and nitrogen charged reservoirs vent furiously, consuming the punishing blows. And then, as quickly as it began, the performance is over. Barking shorty pipes fall silent. Cast alloy blocks tick a rhythmic cooling chant. Plastic fan blades whirl frantically in an effort to soothe the worked hyper-beast. All that remains are the discarded rubber autographs of the night's underground heros."


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