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ICON Squad 2 Backpack $125.00

One of the cooler items to pop out of the new ICON Motorsports catalog for 2008. The ICON Squad 2 Mil Spec Backpack is an extension of the already enormously successful Mil Spec vest from ICON. The Squad 2 Backpack is a mil spec vest and a super backpack combined as one. Meets all military requirements for high visibility motorcycle PPE. Actually the Squad 2 Milspec backpack not only meets the military's requirements but exceeds them by adding unique upper arm straps for increased visibility. You can wear this bag instead of a vest! Features heavy duty nylon rib stop chassis. Unique comfort fit closure. Helmet storage compartment. Laptop compartment. Integrated shield storage pocket. Jacket carrying system. Available at $125.00

ICON TiMAX Original Gloves, $175.00

It's back. It's mean. It's the glove that has inspired many a chop to the chin. The original ICON Timax Gloves . Like the stampeding hoofs of a thousand horses, the chain rained down. Relentless, methodical. The hand, clad in black layered leather and riveted titanium plates, worked it's brutal magic. At once ethereally united with the chain, yet somehow distant. Clearly it had purpose, blow after well placed blow would attest to that, yet it lacked any sense of conscious or remorse. This was not personal, not like it had been before, this had become routine-a task to be accomplished, a check box on a to-do list. Clearly this hand, this glove, had done this before, and clearly it would do it again. A different time, a different place, same result. The TiMax Original Glove by Icon-A Legacy of Brutality. * Durable leather construction * Genuine floating titanium knuckle armor * Riveted palm has nomex heat-resistant backing * Expansion panels in critical ar

Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support

Motorcyclists will very soon have 3 very different neck brace type products to choose from. Currently the Leatt-Brace is the only full blown neck brace on the market. EVS Sport recently released their budget oriented neck brace, the EVS RC-Evolution Neck Brace . For the money, it certainly is better than your typical $20 neck roll. Alpinestars too is getting ready to release their entry into the kneck protection market with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support .

Alpinestars Body Armor

Alpinestars has been producing various types of under garment body armor for a number of years. Over the course of probably 10 years or so, the Alpinestars protection product fold has grown each year to where Alpinestars currently offers the most diverse and rounded offering of race and street body armor available to motorcyclists. I repeat, there is no other maker of body armor currently offering the variety of highly protective race or street body armor products as Alpinestars. Alpinestars focus has always been on racing oriented products. This means that street riders, whether you be an every day rider or casual weekend rider, track day customer or racer will benefit from years of testing, as well as "trickle down" technology. Alpinestars armor is designed for high speed impact and long intervals of abrasion. For back protection, Alpinestars currently has 3 race grade spine protectors available to consumers. The Alpinestars Race Back Protector is a slim fitting protector

Tpro Forcefield Body Armor Reviews

Collection of Reviews provided for the TPRO Forcefield Body Armor line of body protection. BUY TPRO BODY ARMOR HERE I just wanted to provide some positive feedback after testing your T-Pro back protector out for real on Sunday whilst racing at Snetterton. I had a relatively low speed highside in the wet which threw me head first over the front of the bike, causing me to somersault and land flat on my back, taking the full impact through my Crowtree leathers and your T-Pro back protector , which I have owned for about a year now and never go out on track without, even when I am rushing to get out for a race. Although the crash speed was relatively low (I estimate about 25-30 mph), I know from experience that doesn’t matter with highsides as I previously broke my collarbone and ribs, collapsed a lung and moved my heart sideways from a 50mph highside. In this crash, I took the full impact on my back, having done a full somersault (according to the marshals, who gave me 9 out of 10) and

ICON Field Armor Vest

ICON Field Armor has been in production for a number of years now. In that time, we've sold hundreds, if not thousands of units of the ICON Field Armor Vest , the ICON Leg Armor and ICON Elbow Guards . Built entirely for street duty, for a certain crowd of riders, ICON Field Armor simply works and nothing else can really take its place. The ICON Field Armor Vest is one a flagship item in the line that hasn't been updated really since it came out. For racers and track day addicts, the ICON vest may seem a little dainty for a product that claims to protect. And it IS. And that's really the point of the thing. The Field Armor Vest isn't trying to win any awards for most protective spine protector. I think, and many would agree, that it really is an alternative to something like a leather motorcycle vest. The Field Vest is a leather motorcycle vest made of synthetic materials and has some padding thrown in for good measure.

ICON Mechanica Helmet

In our opinion, the coolest helmet to pop out of 2008 from any helmet maker so far has been the ICON Mechanica Helmet . An ICON Domain 2 helmet, this helmet is visually the most striking helmet we've seen in a long time. The stock photos of the helmet really don't do it justice. Seeing it in person, wearing it, is really a treat. The thing just stands out over other helmets. Visually on the rider, as well, the Mecanica is a treat. I saw one on the road a few days ago noted the contrast of scaly chrome on a black jacket looked pretty killer. The helmet retails for $410.00. Based on the ICON Domain 2 helmet ICON Released last fall. This new graphic is called the Mechanica. The coolest new helmet graphic you'll see from any helmet company you'll see all year! ICON's lightest most technologically advanced helmet to date. The Mechanica graphic was conceived by Icon as an upgrade to the past "girl" graphics that have been such great sellers for Icon. The Damnati

2008 ICON Motorcycle Clothing Update

ICON Clothing has released their 2008 product catalog. We got a sneak peak of the stuff about a week ago, when ICON management picked us up by Limo, put us on a plane and flew our staff to South Korea, where much of the product is manufactured. After a very late night of karaoke, kimchee and OB beer at the hotel, we got down to business the next day to check out the product at a remote warehouse in the Korean countryside. We do dug it then in Asia and we dig it now back in the States. The design chemists and social psychology artists at ICON know how to mix the perfect blend of violence, military themes, hard core sex and speed into a lifestyle clothing package that seems just right for our times. At least, it should remind us that we're not just a bunch of stuttering conservatives. Very American. Very Street. If only we Americans could live up to the imagery we create, instead of leaving it only to fantasy and movies. From Page 2 of the 2008 ICON Fall Catalog: "Darkness has


MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FOUNDATION CALLS FOR COMMENCEMENT OF MOTORCYCLE CRASH CAUSATION STUDY Urges Motorcyclists and Drivers to Work Together to Reduce Rider Deaths on Nation's Highways IRVINE, Calif., Aug 14, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In response to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration release of the 2007 Traffic Safety Annual Assessment - Highlights, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation today urged that a planned national Motorcycle Crash Causation study begin as soon as possible. Last summer the industry committed $2.8 million in funding through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to the Oklahoma Transportation Center for the new Motorcycle Crash Causation Study. The Motorcycle Industry Council committed another $200,000 soon after. The $3 million commitment compares to the approximately $2 million being provided in federal funding. The Foundation stated that there is a tremendous amount of theory and speculation from many concerned parties for motorcycle safety as to why there

Race Report: Team DNA Energy Drink

Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing finishes second and tenth in MISuperMoto X Team has largest contingent at event while also participating in pre-event autograph session at metro Detroit hotspot Clio, Mich. (August 19, 2008) – Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing became the heavy hitters at the inaugural MISuperMoto X in Clio, Michigan this past weekend with all three riders competing. With impressive results and the largest private transporter in the pits, the team received significant attention throughout the weekend. Team athlete Johnny Lewis finished second and was on the pole for the supermoto final, while Thomas Bordelon finished tenth. Third rider Mike Ingle competed but was unable to finish the event. The MISuperMoto X included pro and amateur supermoto racing along with rally cars and dwarf cars, all competing on the same course separately. The supermoto layout was an 80/20 asphalt/dirt split that included a 17-degree banked turn, a large tabletop and triple-tab

Supermoto Conversion Kits are Great

Motostrano has been suppling parts for and building supermoto bikes for a little over six years. Over the years, sourcing the parts, fitting the parts and doing the R&D for what works best for the road or the track has required constant feedback from customers and racers. Supermoto, for better or worse, still lives in a realm very akin to custom bike building. It's not usually a matter of fabrication, as you have in the chopper world, but it does relate in as far as creating the perfect supermoto bike, keeping track of what parts fit what model bikes and knowing what parts work best with what bikes. Due to the relative simplicity of the bikes themselves, most folks are able to do their conversion work at home as part of a DIY project. Motostrano's supermoto conversion kits have evolved over the years to really represent the best long term value for your supermoto dollar. We look at things like year round availability of parts, of replacement parts, of part longevity, overa

Matthew Barber race result update

This was another great weekend at the races. I finished with two wins (UL superbike, LW sportsman) and one second place finish(Supermotard). Thanks to all for the support and encuragement though out the year. The next race weekend will be the 30th and 31st. It will also be my first weekend stepping up to the ameteur class, so wish me luck and I'll send a report the week after. MSB#878

Alpinestars Warranty

we sell a lot of alpinestars. so, you can bet we've come up with warranty issues. our experience has been that astars has one of the best warranty policies and procedures in the business. having a warranty is one thing. being able to deliver on it is entirely another. alpinestars will pretty much repair or replace any defect with your product within a reasonable amount of time and use. within reason, they'll do it at no cost, usually. alpinestars operates their own repair facility in los angeles and sending them your stuff for repair typically takes about 2 weeks to turn around and get back to you (expect a longer wait in the heat of summer).

Places to Find on the web

In the age of "social media" it's good to know you can get in touch with your favorite motoshop in a variety of spots along the web. Some of them include: The Motostrano Outlet Store offers a real-time view of products that are in stock and ready to ship. We don't have our entire store up there just yet, but it's a secondary place for you to shop. Motostrano has a Facebook page where we update folks with news and info. is our 'ten deal a day site' Yelp - is a place where you will see reviews from past customers, both good and bad. Some day, there will be the equivelent service for business to review customers. Motostrano sponsors a few popular discussion forms. Our two favorites include the Bay Area Riders Forum and Supermotojunkie . Motostrano has a MySpace Page , but honestly we don't update it much. You buy Motostrano casuals at Zazzle

Tony Hart's Last Race

Motostrano would like to offer its condolences for the family and friends of Tony Hart. from Cyclenews. STAFFORD SPRINGS, CT, AUG. 9: Tony Hart, the younger brother of freestyler Carey Hart, was killed during practice for the second round of the XTRM/AMA Supermoto Championship at Stafford Springs Raceway in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He was 21. Hart, riding for the Rockstar/Hart & Huntington KTM in the Supermoto Lites class, suffered fatal head injuries when he high-sided on the paved third turn of the oval portion of the race coruse. He was transported to a local hospital where he was declared dead. Officials from both the AMA and XTRM, the series promoters, refused to confirm his death. It was first confirmed by Stafford Motor Speedway, which issued a statement around 7:00 p.m. that read: "It is with deep regret that the Stafford Motor Speedway announces that during a practice session of the AMA/XTRM sanctioned SuperMoto Event, being held today, rider Anthony Hart, age 2

$55 Helmets

A helmet for the crippled economy. Or, A helmet for 30 Billion Quarterly Losses. Or, A helmet for a nation of whiners. Or, A helmet for a George Bush Nation. We emailed you a few months ago about the solid color version of the Z1R ZRP-1 budget helmets.. You remember, the ones that were rated as the most safe by Motorcyclist magazine? Well, we're here again to tell you that we have the same top rated helmet, for the same low low price, now with some attractive graphical decorations at no extra charge thrown in just to cheer you up. The Z1R Strike Star Helmet is cheap, it's in stock and it's safe. And, if the Strike Star doesn't catch your fancy, know that you can also order up a current model helmet from Z1R and expect to pay just a little more. That's a lot of helmet, a lot of value! Little prices. Goes well with that 1972 Honda you rolled out of your garage to beat the high gas prices blues. - main web store for all the new cool stuff. Twowheelsteal

Laguna Seca Supermoto Racing

SUPERMOTO SCHEDULE OF EVENTS *SUBLECT TO CHANGE OR MODIFICATION FRIDAY September 26th : Move in / set up 5 – 7pm Registration and Tech * NO engines may run on Friday SATURDAY September 27th 7:00 am Registration for racers and crew 7:15 Tech Inspection Open for business 8:00 Mandatory Riders meeting at start finish 8:20 Parade lap all riders 8:30 Practice Rotation – groups A, B & C 10:30 Pro Practice (450& Expert only) 10:55 Pro Super Pole Timed Qualifying (Top 8 riders) Top ten finishers in 450 & Open Expert heats transfer to 20 rider Pro main 11:40 QUALIFYING HEAT RACES BEGIN (some races may be combined, some classes may require multiple heat races) • Formula 110 4 Laps • 450 presented by Leo Vince Exhausts 8 Laps • Super Lightweight presented by CityBike 6 Laps • Mini Motard presented by Mammoth Motorsports 6 Laps • VET + 35 presented by SuperMoto Engineering 6 Laps 12:45 Lunch Break (approx 1/2/hr) • 250 presented by Supermoto Racer Magazine 8 Laps • Open Novice presente

Team Evolve Moto and Shea Racing merge for stronger team

Johnny Lewis will compete as a DNA Energy Drink rider; while Thomas Bordelon, Mike Ingle and Tim Shea will also represent AxiomTV and DRD; Merged race program to debut at round two of XTRM/AMA Supermoto Championship HOUSTON (August 4, 2008) – It all began at the opening round of the XTRM Networks AMA Supermoto Championship near Seattle, Wash. when Johnny Lewis and Tim Shea both realized that their racing programs could be much stronger and more efficient when put together. After thorough discussions in July, Team Evolve Moto/AxiomTV has merged into Team DNA Energy Drink/Shea Racing to create one of the most powerful and well-represented independent teams on the circuit, Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing. “This has been a big learning year for me taking on an all-new program and it wouldn’t have been possible without my sponsors’ support,” said Lewis. “After seeing Team DNA Energy Drink/Shea Racing at the opening round, I thought about how my program could make them a much stron

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