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Black Mamba Headlight Installation Instructions

Based on installing the Black Mamba headlight to a Suzuki DRZ400 with stock headlight. Installing the Black Mamba headlight is straightforward. . Step 1 : Choose which wires you want to be the ground and positive for each of the lights, it doesn’t matter which wire you select as long as one wire is the ground (-) and one is the positive 2. Step 2: Remove stock headlight from the bike (if it has one), you will have to drop the fork tubes to remove the bracket. Locate the stock headlight 3 prong black socket. 3. Step 3: With the socket facing forward and you looking directly at it, you should not that the ground (-) will be on the right side, low beam will be on top and high beam will be on the left. 4. Step 4: You will need to pick-up some crimp-on wire terminal connectors from an automotive store or Radio Shack. Crimp all the ground wires onto two of the terminal connectors and plug them into the 3 prong socket. You should be able to get two terminal connectors to fit into