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AGV GP-Tech Helmet Review Part 2

The AGV GP Tech helmet has a transparent face shield that enables the everyday motorcyclist, the helmet user, to observe his surroundings, allowing him to navigate his machine along the motorway at a fashionable pace. Lifting the face shield up a notch or two provides the user with added air intake, as well as greater auditory sensations. The helmet's interior is soft and comfortable. The helmet is not snell rated. DOT and Euro. This is a high end helmet. Up there in class with the Spec 1rs and the RX-7s. Motorcyclists are weird about helmets and gear in general. Sportbike motorcyclists that is. They are described to other motorcyclists who also own helmets with a sense of mystery and awe, love and hate. A hated helmet is a nasty, evil thing, like a girl friend who cheats on you. The motorcyclist never forgets a hated helmet and will rarely give it a second chance. There's a cliff at Devil's Slide north of Half Moon Bay where angry young men go to purge their Hated Helmets,

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AGV GP-Tech Helmet Review Part 1

I rarely read product reviews these days. They are all advertisements and we know it- pure fantasy. On the other hand, there's the 'discussion forums' where you can read countless essays written by lonely males holed up in their mancaves about the products they've purchased, sharing with others the ins and outs of why the product they invested in is so great. Of course it's great, you bought it and you're actually wasting life hours writing about it. We beat our chests about the little gizmos and gadgets we've been able to scrounge up on our hunting and gathering missions out in the shopping wilderness. Heading back to camp with our gear speared on a stick- which is really a lonely little desk away from the kids or wife - we review the goods, inspect it, try it on, pose in action shots in front of the mirror, perhaps in our underwear, perhaps dressed up in our leathers in the garage. Then, as if to map out a terrain that no other fellow savage has explored,