Top 5 Stuff You Can't Buy Anywhere Else

Because we are painfully aware of how torturous it is to order something from some blind web site operated by robots somehwere in south america, or some other place in the world, only to find, to your great horror and utter disgust, that the item you have been patiently craving and dreaming of for three long years, that useless little waste of pay check thing that you don't need and that's keeping you up late at night, curled up in side your bed, is back ordered (ghasp!) with no ETA, no hint of when it might show up, no end to the torture... because of all that, we offer our top 5 list of things that are IN STOCK at Motostrano and that you simultaneously can not purchase anywhere else.

We know the pain, the sense of nausea, the cramping, the shivering. The feeling of loss. It's enough to make you want to vent about it to your "friends" on the discussion forums along with all the other useless afterthoughts and did-ya-knows, littering your critique with countless thumbs down, accusations, red faces, blame, etc. etc. We know, among other things, that this thing that you can't have will consume your energies for at least 3 days, cause you to lose a half hour of sleep at least once in those 3 days, perhaps even contribute to one night of prematuredness with a loved one. But this only makes you want the thing that you can't have even more. And you will never forget the experience of not having it, of waiting. Whether it be due to a track day or race day that was missed because your socks didn't arrive on time, or the group ride that had to be post-poned because the tank protector shipped a day late, if one broken promise is experienced, one failed call-back, one stretch of truth whiffed, you'll dish out the greatest masterpiece of online forum vendor bashing that the world has ever encountered, there, cast in stone for all eternity to discover until a comet destroys this great planet we all share.

And so without further delay- 5 great stuff that are in STOCK at Motostrano and back ordered every where else.

  1. Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit
  2. Alpinestars Aero Tech Backpack
  3. Alpinestars Aero Tech Tank Bag
  4. Alpinestars SMX Air Flow Jacket, Size 54
  5. SIDI Street Burner Boots


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