Alpinestars Nero Clothing Line Product Launch

I popped on to today to see what's new and noticed a link way at the bottom for Alpinestars Nero. I'd sneaked a peak of the Nero line from an un-named source a few months earlier and was eager to see it come to life. It's out and it's cool, in Europe, on its way to us in the States soon, hopefully.

Nero is an "authentic" Black Label line from the world's top motorcycle apparel company. It's motorcycle clothing with a lot of fashion, less performance and seemingly a lot of quality. With jackets priced in the low thousands and boots in the mid 300s, I'm anticipating a high end product, something you'd see in a high end small clothing boutique.

It comes on the heels of an interesting site redesign from Alpinestars, that has transformed the presentation of product into a virtual catwalk. The whole web site needed a face lift in order to unveil this product line, which is clearly a step above the rest of the line, but fits in well, in my view, rounding out the catalog.
With $2400 leather race suits, why shouldn't the city slicker motorhead get to dress up in some high fashion threads to boot?

Limited edition, limited production and absolutely priced out of most folks moto apparel budgets, which is a plus. I'm not into "seeing myself coming and going" in the world.

The Nero line is for the rider looking for some functional motorcycle leather fashion, with european style. The ALLOY product cluster from a few years back came close to the look. The stuff will fit on any bike, but probably rolls best with NAKEDs, clean choppers, model year 2007+ urban bikes and any one of the new mega scooters on the market. It's stuff to bolt to the office on without looking too much like a gearhead.


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