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2009 Suomy Helmets Now Available

Italian helmet manufacturer Suomy , known for their wild graphics and high end race helmets, has released a number of new helmet models for 2009. Many are already available for sale. Suomy makes one of the lightest helmets on the market. Very comfortable, in line with the highest standards of helmet making and certainly producers of the coolest graphics on the planet. Our favorite among them is the new Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Capirossi . Super bold, European color racing graphics. Most folks will say "I'm not fast enough" to wear this, just as we hear with the AGV Rossi limited helmets . We poopoo that and think that extreme race inspired and replica graphics are great. Our second favorite would have to be the Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Hodgson Helmet , particularly the right side view. From the description: "Suomy's new Spec-1R Extreme sets a new standard. In addition to the above standard Spec-1R features, the Extreme offers remarkable technological advancements that

Motostrano Voted Top 5 Motorcycle Shop in San Francisco Bay Area

Motostrano Voted Top 5 Motorcycle Shop in San Francisco Bay Area Motostrano was recently ranked as one of the Top 5 motorcycle shops in the Bay Area by The ranking was based on independent voting done at, the top news web site for the SF Bay area, owned by the SF Chronicle, the Bay Area's largest daily newspaper. Motostrano tied for 4th place! See the article here . Thanks to any one who participated in this vote! It means a lot, as there are hundreds of motorcycle shops in this very heavy populated motorcycle riding area. It means we scored better than most of the largest brick n mortar motorcycle dealerships, as well as all the local online companies. Thanks!

Used Motorcycle Selling Tips

It's no secret that there's a lot of used bikes for sale out there right now. When the economy dips, it's always going to be time to "thin the herd" as they say. In some cases it may be time to butcher the whole pack and start afresh in the future. Over the course of my own short life, I've sold ohh I'd have to say 50 or so used motorcycles of all types. Street, Vintage, Racebike, Off-Road, Exotic. Here's some used bike selling tips from an insider's perspective. The first thing I always tell people is to re-install any OEM stuff you still have for the bike. Get rid of all the aftermarket goodies you had on it and hide them in your garage. If you're like me, you can't leave anything well enough alone when it comes to motorcycles and so you've invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in aftermarket stuff. Exhaust, billet stuff, levers, seats, whatever. You need to remove all that and put back on all the heavy, ugly stock stuff that you

Give it all you got! Supermoto DVD

A new supermoto DVD is about to hit living rooms all across the nation. Available now for pre order at Give it all you got ! Introducing the first-ever season review DVD for the XTRM AMA Supermoto Championship. For six rounds, pro racers from the United States and across the country fought to become the best in their class within the unique sport of supermoto. Riding specialized motocross bikes with slick tires and large front brakes, these athletes compete on both asphalt and dirt. Not only will you see the intense racing action from all six rounds of the 2008 series, you'll also get to meet the athletes, here more about supermoto from heroes like Carey Hart and Doug Henry, and learn about the technology through "Tech Talk" with team personnel. This DVD is a must-have for any sports junkie!

Supermoto Race Bike Prep Check List

Setting up your supermoto bike for track duty is really very similar to the requirements in road racing. Safety wire everything. Set-up sliders for as much as you can and have some specific tools on hand designed to keep you and others up-right and safe on the track. Here's a simple check list of stuff you'll need or want to take your bike to any track. 1. Safety Wire - your bike will need its most critical bolts and covers safety wired. Always have a full roll of this stuff on hand. You'll be the most popular guy in the pits with it. 2. Safety Wire Pliers - it's no fun safety wiring a bike without this tool. 4. Carb Catch Can - keeps the fluids that flow out of your carb funneled into one container. Check it and empty it often. 5. Footpeg Sliders - primarily to protect the track itself, but they are also cheaper than buying new footpegs. 6. Axle Sliders - protects both the track and the bolts on your bike from being ground down. 7. Handguards and or Bar Sliders - t

AGV Rossi's Face Limited Helmet

Previews of the 2009 AGV Rossi's FACE helmet are available. We think this helmet will be priced the same as the current 2008 ROSSI Dream Helmet , $749.00. Same shell model. Expect this to come out in the USA just before or at MOTOGP Laguna seca.

Motostrano in RacerX Mag

We're a rinky dink little shop. As such, we get a little tickled pink any time we see our name in lights. Check out Volume 12 number 1 of the new Jan 09 Racer X Illustrated. Page 237 has an excellent article covering the 2008 supermoto racing season and includes some shots of Motostrano branded racers.

Motostrano Open House Dec. 20, Saturday

Motostrano's yearly Open House will be Saturday December 20th, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at our location in Redwood City, California. Great if you're a last minute gift buyer, like me. Come to the event that folks come to from all over the State for great discounts, holiday cheer, sip some hot cider and a check out a great selection of riding gear from Alpinestars, SIDI, SUOMY, TPRO, AGV, Scorpion and more. This year our Open House is on the same weekend as the San Mateo Motorcycle show (Saturday December 20, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) making it a no-brainer to take in the show and stop by our store for great deals or just to feel up our mannequin. Motostrano is located just 10 minutes south of the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo. You remembered to carve time for the Motorcycle show this year, right? ** Plus, we'll be giving away discount passes to the Motorcycle Show while supplies last. Come to our open house, get discount passes to the Moto show. We'll run ou

Alpinestars Supermoto Boot Specs

Alpinestars seems to be getting closer to releasing their long awaited Tech 7 Supermoto Boot . Here are the specs: Alpinestars unique, specifically developed, replaceable, three-pieces Supermoto outer sole. Fixed, one-piece, main area for rigidity and structural strength. Replaceable heel and front outer foot sections for sliding and wear resistance fit absolutely flush with the fixed sole to create a smooth, uninterrupted surface. The replaceable heel and toe sections on the Alpinestars Supermoto Boot are formed with a specially developed rubber compound and are affixed to the boot with mechanical grip tabs and steel screws with a washer and raised screw head protection to ensure the screws and assembly are not damaged by wear and impacts. Features * Full-grain leather with impact and abrasion resistant PU shell for unmatched levels of safety. * Closure system features 4 aluminum buckles with memory settings and a quick release/locking system with self-aligning design for easy

Gifts For Motorcyclists

Yup, the holidays are approaching. Tough time to be giving, so we are passing on a few ways to stretch your dollar with some cool gifts that are in stock now. Any street rider would love to get an Alpinestars Balaklava for Christmas. Cheap and comforting. They are sold out every where, but we kept a stash of them just for the holidays. In stock. Our Alpinestars T-Shirt 3 Packs are a dollar-stretching wonder and we also have some hat packs available too. Right now, the Leatt-Brace is on sale at 10% off. I heard on the news just yesterday, that statistically men stop buying new underwear when times are tough. Help a dude out with some fresh undies from Alpinestars, the fastest underwear on the planet . Our TwoWheelSteals site has some deals on Scorpion EXO-400 helmets. A little over $100 gets a loved one a new lid. Personally, I think one of the nicest gifts a motorcyclist can get is body armor. Motostrano stocks many brands of body armor, including our favorites, TPRO Forcefield an

Steve Drew Finishes First in Supermoto Unlimited Championship

Rockstar Energy/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Team Rider Steve Drew Finishes First in Supermoto Unlimited Championship Points Sonoma, CA– Rockstar Energy/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co team rider Steve Drew came in first in overall points for the Supermoto Unlimited group for the 2008 Supermoto Series. The final race, held at Infineon Raceway, gave him the one point he needed to take the championship. “The whole season led up to this final race and we are so excited for Steve. He rode well all season with a total of 3 wins. This season could not have turned out any better.” said team manager Kenny Watson. The other Rockstar Energy/H&H Tattoo Supermoto riders also fared well with Travis Marks placing 6th in the race and 5th overall and Doni Wanat placing 7th in the race and 6th overall in the series. The team would like to thank sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co., LeoVince, JST Racing, Motostrano, Honda, Carter Powersports, Sunline, Fox Racing, D

Akrapovic Exhaust, 10 Reasons Why

10 Reasons Why Akrapovic Motorcycle Exhaust The only way to win is to be the fastest, to be unstoppable, and to be unbeatable in every way. This is the motto of the Akrapovic Company since the very beginning. 1. Only the best materials are used Three basic materials are used for creating exhaust systems: high grade titanium, stainless steel, and pre impregnated ultra light carbon fiber with high tensile strength and temperature resistance. The titanium compound is a unique formula manufactured under an exclusive contract by a Japanese supplier. It is therefore much stronger and durable than regular titanium on the free market. The titanium used by Akrapovič is stronger and 40% lighter than stainless steel. 2. Use of high technology in a state-of-the-art factory Hydroforming is a process of forming header tubes using machines that mould metal with pressurized water (from 1,000 to 4,000 bars). The material also does not lose its strength in the process. This is necessary because exhaust

Scorpion EXO-700 Solid Neon for better visibility

Lake Forest, CA (November 2008) - Highly visible but not highly priced. Developed in real world conditions with features that will enhance any rider's experience, the Scorpion Neon EXO-700 helmet has established an all-new level of performance for an under-$210 hand-laid, fiberglass Kevlar composite helmet. The Neon colored EXO-700 helmet is offered in sizes extra-small through double extra-large. Combine the Neon helmet with the Scorpion Commander Jacket in Neon to obtain the ultimate in visibility. The neon color increases rider conspicuity for increased visibility and safety while riding. The EXO-700's remarkable fit and comfort have become a new standard in motorcycle full-faced helmets. From its EverClear® no-fog face shield to its rider tested aerodynamics and breathable, removable and washable KwikWick® liner, the features and construction of the EXO-700 rival much more expensive helmets on the market. J.D. Power and Associates ranked Scorpion EXO in the top two and th

2009 Acerbis Streetfighter Supermoto Parts

2009 products are beginning to trickle down to our parts desk as we speak and it looks like it will be a good year for the alien bike. You might guess, we get a little giddy when cool new parts come out that are better than the old stuff. Acerbis- one of our favorite companies in the aftermarket parts arena, has given us preview and pre-order permissions on some killer items for the naked street bike beast and burly motard. First up, one of the most out-of-this-world headlight kits we've seen in a while, for less than $150. The Acerbis Vision Headlight looks like the head of an alien made from non-earthly metals. It looks like it should shoot blue metal-piercing lazer beams from each bulb. It comes in six colors and will look mean on any motard. Use it as a tail light too and scare your fellow commuters coming and going. Next, Acerbis has produced a handguard set-up for street bikes, sport bikes and road going motards. They look slick. Minimalist design. They even feature an opti

Supermoto National November 14, 15, 16

Everyone is invited! In fact if you want to see this sport continue to grow, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please tell everyone you know, this is the final two rounds of the 2008 AMA National Supermoto Championship. That's right, DOUBLE HEADER, right in our back yard. All the big names and factory teams. PLUS - Amateur racing on Friday, getting to ride on the same track. I'm reaching gout to each of you to help us make this event what it needs to be. A large turn out is what the sport needs right now, if this event goes well, it WILL happen again! Ticket prices have been reduced to make it easy and affordable, get them online or at the gate for the same price $10. for Friday $10. for Saturday and $15. for Sunday or $30. for all three days. On site camping is also available thru Infineon Raceway or at the main gate. Amateur promoter pracitce on Thursday, After Party Friday night and the best Supermoto riders in the world racing for Championships Saturday and Sunday. Come cheer for your

BP Racing Supermoto

BP RACING YAMAHA'S TYLER O’HARA AND CASEY YARROW WIN SUPERMOTO USA SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS BP Racing Yamaha’s Tyler O’Hara won the Supermoto USA Open Expert Championship at the final round held at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds in Stockton California last weekend. He accomplished this by winning five out of eight rounds during the year and by playing it safe in last weekend’s final. His competitors forced him into this line of thinking during Saturday's Open Pro races. Although Tyler ’s BP Racing Yamaha YZ450F had him on the pole for the Saturday Pro race via his fastest time in practice, his run for the cash was held back in the first turn in both motos. Casey Yarrow riding a BP Racing Yamaha YZ450F was able to fight his way to the front and bring home the money with a second place in the last moto netting him second overall. Casey won Sunday’s Expert heat giving him the pole, Tyler finished fourth giving him the outside first row. Tyler wanted this starting position; after what had

New Supermoto Kit From Motostrano

Motostrano has created a new supermoto kit for budget Supermoto riders. The " Bare Bones Supermoto Kit " is for street and occasional track day supermoto riders. The kit uses the Warp9 Supermoto wheels and accompanying brake and sprocket parts along with some AVON distanzia tires and a supermoto fender . For the rider on a budget. Other kits utilize the popular Excel/Talon Supermoto wheels , or the performance oriented Marchesini Supermoto Wheels . Motostrano now offers 9 kinds of complete supermoto conversion kits for all types of rider abilities and focuses. Kits are offered for virtually every common supermoto bike for racing and street. Supermoto conversion kits allow riders to easily convert their moto-crosser into a full blown asphault going Supermoto bike with wheels, street tires, brakes, plastic parts and more. Each Motostrano kit is custom tailored for specific rider needs and a direct bolt on for all bike applications. View Motostrano's complete Supermoto Co

Suomy Helmets in the USA

I have spoken to a handful of customers lately who call and ask about Suomy helmets and what is going on with them in the USA. Contrary to popular rumor, Suomy helmets continue to be distributed widely in the United States. A few months ago Suomy changed how and who handles the importation of their helmet line in the United States, no longer working with an entity called "Suomy USA", the original importer of the Suomy line-up. Whenever there's a change of guard between manufacturers and distributors of a product, it tends to cause confusion for the consumer, as in this instance. Suomy helmets are imported strongly in the USA direct from Italy. They are distributed by two main US distributors, one of them being the largest distributor of motorcycle parts in the world, Parts Unlimited. In other words, Suomy is in good company in the USA. Part Unlimited is the same company distributing Alpinestars, AGV, ICON and others. Suomy Helmets, Suomy spare shields and all Suomy Helme

SIDI Streetburner Boots at

Short boots, perhaps like short skirts, have never been so popular. Virtually all moto boot makers have a vibrant line of short boots available to the street bike rider, commuter and around-towner. Alpinestars, ICON, Gaerne, Joe Rocket, Shift, all have a lot of short riding boots to choose from. Among the boots we like most there is the SIDI Streetburner boot . A short boot with an obvious racing pedigree. Like many of the more sport oriented shorter boots, the Streetburner looks like a standard tall booth that's been chopped down. Sidi says: "SIDI Streetburner Boots! Sidi, continuously researching new technological solutions to enhance rider safety, is proud to present the Streetburner boot. With Sidi's great style, feel, support and quality there are no finer performance off road boots in the world." The Streetburner looks like a low Vertigo. It has many of the adjustment and replacement features of the Vertigos with a low cut design. There's the external ankle

Motostrano Offers International Express Mail Shipping

Motostrano now offers Standard International Express Mail service for our outside the use-based customers looking for a more affordable shipping service for parts, accessories and clothing purchased at . The new feature allows international customers to save on shipping and brokerage fees using the new International Express Mail service worldwide. Savings average 50% over our standard UPS ship rates.

Atkins 4th in Mettet Belgium, Stars Final

Atkins 4th in Mettet Belgium, Stars Final This prestigious event was adorned with over 30,000 die hard race fans over the course of 3 days; many of whom traveled from all corners of Europe to witness the worlds best motorcyclists battle it out on the famed Supermoto course. 370 riders from around Europe gathered here hoping for the chance to race with the worlds most esteemed athletes of their genre, and a grueling back to back series of eliminations decided the few who would be placed on the starting grid. There were 2 categories formed to make up the 2 finals. The Stars Category was made up of riders from all backgrounds, such as: Stefan Everts, Mickael Pichon, Frederick Bolley, Josh Coppins, Joel Smets, Jeff Ward etc. While the Supermoto category contained Supermoto specialist athletes. Qualifying: Stars Category: Atkins 7th Supermoto Category: Carlson: 4th Stars Final Top 10: 1st - Mickael Pichon 2nd- Frederic Bolley 3rd - Stefan Everts 4th - Darryl Atkins 5th - Micky Dymond

2008 XTRM AMA Supermoto Championship Series Finale Location & Date Announced

2008 XTRM AMA Supermoto Championship Series Finale Location & Date Announced Oct. 17,2008 5:00 PM XTRM Supermoto National Championship Series finale, presented by Parts Unlimited, will be held the weekend of November 14 and 15 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. This double-header finale will be a pure slugfest, sure to provide a spectacular finish to the series. This closely fought yearlong battle for three AMA Supermoto Championships will come to a stunning, street fight like conclusion. The eventual champions will be awarded among the top Pro contestants in a total of SIX point paying finals over the weekend. With the Premier 450 class, the big bore Open class and 250cc Lites titles all up for grabs. This is one of the best opportunities for race fans to witness the best bar banging action ever seen in a take it all season ending battle of the titans. These plates must be used for the AMA Supermoto Championship Series. You can order these backgrounds directly from ZLT Rac

New Street-Sport Conversion Kit from Motostrano

Motostrano has pieced together a special kit intended for off-road and dual-sport bike conversions from off-road to road-going street legal bikes. The new SM Factory Street-Sport Conversion Kit contains many of the required parts some states require for legalizing an off-road motorcycle for road duty. Laws and requirements vary from State to State, so check your local motor vehicle offices for your specific State's rules. The nice part about our kit is that it uses some high end headlight and tail light parts from Acerbis, a leading maker of aftermarket plastics and headlights, making the kit both functional and aesthetically appealing. Priced at $459, the kit includes * Acerbis Dimension Universal Headlight, DOT Approved * Acerbis LED Universal Brake Tail Light, DOT Approved * 4 Universal DOT Turn Signals, DOT Approved * Universal Control switch with Signals, Headlight, Horn, On/Off * Universal Wiring Harness * Front and rear brake light switches * Uni

Suomy Helmets at La Ducati Day

Motostrano participated in the La Ducati Day festivities in La Honda, California. La Honda, home to some of the best pavement for sportbikes in the world, former home to Keasy and his Merry Pranksters. Each year, La Ducati Day takes place as a fall event. It's my favorite motorcycling event, have to say. Motostrano appeard at La Ducati Day this year representing the full line of Suomy helmets in partnership with Suomy themselves. Two 10x10 booths pumped the Suomy's out into the atmosphere for all to see. Vandals, Spec1Rs, Extremes. Helmets for the 2008 and 2009 catalogs. "Great response. Great interest in this high end helmet," said Motostrano's Joe Witherspoon.

Acerbis Plastic

MX plastic, Supermoto plastics. Acerbis (pronounced acherbis) dominates the scene. Acerbis produces a complete range of plastics for virtually all makes and models of off-road machine from the big four and most of the european brands. Fenders, Shrouds, number plates. Chain sliders, handguards, headlights. There are four or five plastics companies: Acerbis, UFO, Cycra, Polisport, Meier. Acerbis dominates, coming out with the most variety, latest models first. Quality plastic that lasts. Acerbis makes two kinds of Supermoto fenders, some Supermoto handguards and a full range of special parts. The sportbike guys should be so lucky to have the ability to redo their body work for $150 bones.

Motostrano Girl

Supermoto Final Postponed

Due to a last minute loss of venue, this weekend's Supermoto National Championship to be held in Austin this weekend Oct 11-12, has reluctantly been canceled. XTRM and the AMA apologize for this inconvenience and want you to know that we are committed to this series. Please know that all efforts are being made to relocate this event finale. More information regarding this event will be distributed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Updates .

Scorpion Octane Helmets on Sale at

The benevolent Scorpion Octane helmet , we've just heard, has been put on sale. Save some bucks on this feature-full helmet. Protect your head. Enjoy the creature comforts of a helmet with removable liners, fogfree shield and an easy on/off one at that! Biatchin' design AND you can wear your Scorpion Octane helmet, along with your Alpinestars Octane Jacket, Boots and Gloves and become completely OCTANED. The Octane is a mid hundredish helmet and on sale just in time for the Great Recession of 2008!

New Search Functions Launched at

Press Release Redwood City, CA. launched a number of new search enhancements today, making it the first time an enhancement was done to the company's feature since 2005 when it experimented with Google Search. Customers of fine motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel can now search and sort by Price, Name, Brand, Make, Category all at the same time. Users can also select from Grid or List view and sort by Relevancy, Price or name. The new search features cost the company some extra dough to release, but even in these dire economic times, where every one is all serious and down hoping for CHANGE and not more of the same, Motostrano decided to surge ahead with a new technology, allowing past, present and future Motostrano customers easier access to the products they need to be a good motorcyclist. "You can't blink," said CEO and serial entrepreneur Joe Witherspoon. "Customers were getting lost and not finding stuff with our old sea

The Supermoto Itch

As you might guess, speaking with "the public" day in and day out, that cranky, paranoid, talkative and sometimes enlightening gang, you end up talking with a colorful bunch by the end of the day. Yesterday, was no exception. I picked up the phone and the conversation went something like this: Me: deep in thought about what a dumb shit Sarah Palin sounded like in that Couric interview, then the phone rings "...Strano, Can I help you?" Patron: "Yea, is this Motostrano?" Me: "Indeed it is is Sir, to whom am I speaking with and how can I help"> Patron: "Oh man. Motostrano. Listen up. My buddies said I needed to call you see." Me: "Great, what's on your mind?" Patron: "Check it out, see. Yesterday, me and my homies were down at our local track you know. Me and my buddies, we all ride big bikes you know, R1, Gixxer, RC51. Anyway, me and my boys we're having fun down at the track you know and all of the sudden we se

Scorpion EXO-400 Dogfight Helmet Goes on Close-Out

Just got the word today that the venerable Scorpion Dogfight Helmet has had it's price tag lobbed off a few inches. Motostrano has this great helmet on sale right now for a little over 100 bones. Besides the militaristic imagery and bullet holes, the features of the 400 include: The EX-400 Helmet from Scorpion features an advanced Polycarbonate Composite Engineered Shell: Quiet, aero-tuned design for wind-tunnel tested comfort. EPS-lined chin bar for additional protection. SpeedShift quick-change shield system (patent pending): Easy, secure tool-less faceshield changes in ten seconds or less. EverClear no-fog faceshield: Optically-correct shield with state-of-the art fog-free technology and anti-scratch hardened coating. KwikWick moisture-wicking helmet liner and cheek pads: Breathable, easily removable and washable. Ventilation system: Adjustable, indexed front and rear vents with aero-tuned rear spoiler reduce lift, create vacuum and maximize airflow through helmet. Breath-defle

We Won! From Dave Arnold

Dave is our racer up in Canada. For those of you who don't know about Canada, it's the other country that shares an international border with Alaska, just like Palin describes. Subject: We Won! Good Morning Friends, I have some good news to share; we are once again the holders of the #1 Plate in Canadian Supermoto. Heading into the weekend it worked out (through an abbreviated schedule, rain outs and prior race results) the championship was down to two guys with a mathematical chance; current champ KTM's Maxime Sylvestre and myself. Winner of the day takes home the plate. The qualifier was a battle between all four past and present National Champions and no one was more than two bikes apart for the whole deal. Maxime came from fifth riding like a madman and systematically picked off each one of us. However a lap after getting the lead he lost the front end in a high-speed sweeper and went off the track in a heap. Doug Beattie won, and I grabbed second. In the final I yanked Has The Goods, Cheap

Launched just a few months ago by the wizards at, sells great motorcycle products at enormously discounted prices. In other words, the site sells lots of stuff, cheap. Twowheelsteals is a “deal a day site” times 100. Limited list of products. All in stock. All products sold at the site are discounted lots, like 20 to 80% off. All products are in stock, ready to ship. No waiting, no haggling, no “report a lower price”. Prices are rock bottom. Motorcycle enthusiasts, some with tattoos, some with long manes of hair and a select few with neatly sculpted facial hair, will find great products at TwoWheelSteals on a daily basis when they fire up their web-enabled phones and high speed access computers and click over to the web site over there. Products are updated daily. A sampling of recent deals: A $1400 supermoto brake kit by Magura sold for $500. A $300 Ducati rotor recently sold for just $100. A $48 Thor MX woman’s casual hoody sold for $16. Great prod

AGV Stealth Helmet

For those busy work days when you have to look a little bad-ass and low key, when you have to do the whole "I'm the guy in the Matrix movie" get-up, it's gotta be a matt black helmet with a dark shield. The AGV Stealth helmet is about the best helmet you can get for the dollar right now, particularly at the price Motostrano is letting them go for. TECHNICAL FEATURES Shell ACF2 Kevlar construction. 2 Shell sizes Ventilation System Dynamic system with air intakes and rear extractors Liners Fully removable and washable. Cool Max with hygienic treatment fabrics. Comfortable "Easy Fit" Shield Clear, anti-scratch polycarbonate Race visor Retention System Double D Ring Shield Mechanism XQRS (Extra Quick Release System): shield replacement without tools in few seconds Certification DOT/BSI 6658 TYPE A

Motostrano Clearance Sale

Our FALL Clearance Sale has kicked off with amazing deals posted on our three web sites, , and And you're free to call us and to check on our 'secret pricing' for deals we just can't advertise. Check out our goods. Prices are blow-out rock bottom and very cheap. Prices are subject to change. Limited availability. Act now!

Supermoto coming to Laguna Seca

The SupermotoUSA series is joining the Corona AMA Superbike Finale weekend Sept. 27-28 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Advertisement Originally developed during the late 70's for ABC's Wide World of Sports, Supermoto was a way to familiarize Americans with motorcycle racing. Supermoto is a fusion of dirt track racing, motocross and road racing. The SupermotoUSA racecourse will be a mix of asphalt and dirt, incorporating both left and right hand turns and jumps. The rules are kept simple, as are the classes. The weekend includes the 2nd Annual Supermoto USA women's only races, featuring the Fast Girls Invitational. Race tickets are available for the Corona AMA Superbike Finale Race by calling (800) 327-7322; Source: The Californian

Alpinestars F1 Shoes - Fast Walking Shoes

Alpinestars has released a killer set of walking shoes that are sure to be a hit in all the swanky fast-boy hangouts around the globe. The new Alpinestars F1 Shoes are a light pair of laced thin sole walking shoes. A lot like a driving shoe. Synthetic layer. Even available in a brave chrome gold color. These shoes will be all the craze in Japan, that, I'll guarantee you. This makes 3 in a line of casual shoes from the leader in motorsports footwear.

New Boot From Sidi: SIDI Vortice

SIDI has released news about their latest and greatest full race boot available in the Fall of 2008. The latest in technology combined with the great skill and workmanship of Sidi’s Italian based factory technicians’ blend in a whirl of fresh solutions to satisfy a rider’s desire for safety and comfort. The Sidi Vortice is an excellent synthesis of the years of experience of Sidi and its designers who conceived its features keeping in mind that the Vortice is the main and essential point of juncture between the bike and the rider. All parts of the boot can be replaced. CE certified the Vortice will be available in the USA in December ’08. The Vortice is priced at $475 and is available in a non-vented version in black, white, red or blue or a fully vented version in black or white. Metric sizes from 39 to 48 (6 to 13 USA) are available. Features: The Vortice is constructed of Lorica and is lined with Teflon vented mesh. The lining in the toe area is in Cambrelle, a soft yet strong lini

Motostrano nominated for BayList Best

Motostrano was recently nominated for the "BayList Best" at , the leading news site for the San Francisco Bay Area. The BayList is the place to find the best photos, reviews and contests related to local businesses in The Bay Area.The Baylist highlights great business in the Bay Area. If you'd like to vote for Motostrano visit the Baylist now!

Matt Barber Supermoto Race Update: race update 8/30-31

This was my first weekend as an amateur and I won the first race of my weekend on Saturday in the lite-weight sportsmen division. I was very surprised. The best I had hoped for was a top five, so to get the win was very exciting. Sunday proved to be a much faster and more competitive race day with the strongest competition coming from my pit partner and neighbor who is consistently a front runner. I finished the day with a hard fought 3rd in the super-singles class and a 4th in the motard race. Thanks to all my sponsors. Cyclewise for the help with the power plant. AXO for all the cool gear and banners that make my pit area and me look like a pro rider. DVC graphics for the cool new number plates. Amsoil lubricants, RK chain, and Excel rims for making it go to the front. N-SAYN motorsports and Motostrano for all the advise and help a first year racer could ask for. Thanks everyone and look for one more update at the season finally on the 27-28 of September.

Alpinestars SP-1 Jacket

Alpinestars laid down the law a few days ago by releasing a few killer products that you can now start to salivate over. The new Alpinestars SP-1 Jacket will likely eliminate the guess work about what jacket to buy in the near future. Plain, simple, dedicated and just straightforward. No baggage, it doesn't shout much, or boo at your friends. It doesn't have that air of desperation like other jackets have. No skulls, no patches, no weird looks. Playing it safe, without being more of the same. 3 colors and 8 sizes per color to select from. It's easy. A jacket we can all be proud of, in just about any environment, whether it be on the international stage, a local town meeting, on your favorite back road or tight twisty. You might say it is a jacket with a lot of hope in it. Readily available, shipping now.

ICON Squad 2 Backpack $125.00

One of the cooler items to pop out of the new ICON Motorsports catalog for 2008. The ICON Squad 2 Mil Spec Backpack is an extension of the already enormously successful Mil Spec vest from ICON. The Squad 2 Backpack is a mil spec vest and a super backpack combined as one. Meets all military requirements for high visibility motorcycle PPE. Actually the Squad 2 Milspec backpack not only meets the military's requirements but exceeds them by adding unique upper arm straps for increased visibility. You can wear this bag instead of a vest! Features heavy duty nylon rib stop chassis. Unique comfort fit closure. Helmet storage compartment. Laptop compartment. Integrated shield storage pocket. Jacket carrying system. Available at $125.00

ICON TiMAX Original Gloves, $175.00

It's back. It's mean. It's the glove that has inspired many a chop to the chin. The original ICON Timax Gloves . Like the stampeding hoofs of a thousand horses, the chain rained down. Relentless, methodical. The hand, clad in black layered leather and riveted titanium plates, worked it's brutal magic. At once ethereally united with the chain, yet somehow distant. Clearly it had purpose, blow after well placed blow would attest to that, yet it lacked any sense of conscious or remorse. This was not personal, not like it had been before, this had become routine-a task to be accomplished, a check box on a to-do list. Clearly this hand, this glove, had done this before, and clearly it would do it again. A different time, a different place, same result. The TiMax Original Glove by Icon-A Legacy of Brutality. * Durable leather construction * Genuine floating titanium knuckle armor * Riveted palm has nomex heat-resistant backing * Expansion panels in critical ar

Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support

Motorcyclists will very soon have 3 very different neck brace type products to choose from. Currently the Leatt-Brace is the only full blown neck brace on the market. EVS Sport recently released their budget oriented neck brace, the EVS RC-Evolution Neck Brace . For the money, it certainly is better than your typical $20 neck roll. Alpinestars too is getting ready to release their entry into the kneck protection market with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support .

Alpinestars Body Armor

Alpinestars has been producing various types of under garment body armor for a number of years. Over the course of probably 10 years or so, the Alpinestars protection product fold has grown each year to where Alpinestars currently offers the most diverse and rounded offering of race and street body armor available to motorcyclists. I repeat, there is no other maker of body armor currently offering the variety of highly protective race or street body armor products as Alpinestars. Alpinestars focus has always been on racing oriented products. This means that street riders, whether you be an every day rider or casual weekend rider, track day customer or racer will benefit from years of testing, as well as "trickle down" technology. Alpinestars armor is designed for high speed impact and long intervals of abrasion. For back protection, Alpinestars currently has 3 race grade spine protectors available to consumers. The Alpinestars Race Back Protector is a slim fitting protector

Tpro Forcefield Body Armor Reviews

Collection of Reviews provided for the TPRO Forcefield Body Armor line of body protection. BUY TPRO BODY ARMOR HERE I just wanted to provide some positive feedback after testing your T-Pro back protector out for real on Sunday whilst racing at Snetterton. I had a relatively low speed highside in the wet which threw me head first over the front of the bike, causing me to somersault and land flat on my back, taking the full impact through my Crowtree leathers and your T-Pro back protector , which I have owned for about a year now and never go out on track without, even when I am rushing to get out for a race. Although the crash speed was relatively low (I estimate about 25-30 mph), I know from experience that doesn’t matter with highsides as I previously broke my collarbone and ribs, collapsed a lung and moved my heart sideways from a 50mph highside. In this crash, I took the full impact on my back, having done a full somersault (according to the marshals, who gave me 9 out of 10) and