Some Favorite Sites

Jocky Journal - one of the few moto sites that have really caught my eye in the past... oh more than a year.

Steepandcheap - the business model of this site is interesting, to say the least. Granted, it's a sub site of another company all together, but the concept is interesting, would never work in the Motorcycle industry, where the margins are too dinky. Motostrano may try something similar to this within our site some day. one of my favorite clothing oriented web sites. Thanks to Natalie I know about this.

American Apparel I hate and love this web site and company. The CEO seems to be a nut, maybe that's why I have an affinity for it. I mostly return again and again to gaze at the hot young women posed seductively. The clean barebones design is a little dry, but oh those hot little things in boy shorts and stuff just make the site.

Yahoo Yea, Yahoo. After being born and raised on Yahoo oh for the last 10 years or so, I got wooed by Google last year for just about everything. But you know what? All that quick and clean search just gets a little boring after a while. Yahoo's heavy emphasis of multi-media and content approach is starting to appeal again.


Tucker said…
I love American Apparel!

And I know right? They have some hot ads.

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